Hi to all!!

Wanted to introduce myself.....
Im Michelle (Shell), 32 from Liverpool


I feel embarrassed of myself in this picture.....Can not fathom how Ive allowed my body to get into such a poor condition.
It was seeing this picture & others from recent trips & family gatherings that made me realise I had to do something!!

Ive recently started loosely following the SW plan after deciding to give up all fast food for lent so I kind of forced myself into it which in all honesty Ive needed to do for far too long to remember!

I stupidly forgot to weigh myself at day one so I did after 1 week in....2 days ago I did my 2nd weight check & found I had lost 4 1/2 pounds!! :woohoo:
....Really pleased with this especially with this week being my star week!!

Im such a fussy eater.....Dont have any veg or fruit or even fish & very rarely have sauces apart from tomato on pizza or in a bolognese.
I do like the taste & smell of things but have a real issue with the texture of certain foods. Onion for example, love the taste but can not for the life of me bring myself to eat anything with even the most finely chopped onion incorperated in.
I infuriate myself dissecting food if I havent made it or if I go out to a restaurant having to ask for meals without certain parts....Honestly, I have come to the conclusion that hypnotismn may be my only option to finally get over this stupid food phobia Ive created for myself. :banghead:

For now though SW seems to be going alright as I do like pasta, rice, eggs, chicken, beef, potatoes, quark & have found some recipies to work with.
.......I am worrying though that at some point all the carbs I seem to be consuming will catch up with me. :eating:

Ive decided to take it 1 step at a time & have even challenged myself to try a new food each week.
Last week was 'Spinach'.....I used this with chopped up hard boiled egg, bacon, quark & some paprika (My own recipe.....didnt find it online which I was proud of myself for, LOL!!)
It actually made a nice lunch but I may chop up the spinach leaves into smaller pieces next time I make this. (Picture below)


This week Ive decided to try blueberries.....I know for a grown woman of 32 years I sound pathetic, believe me I know!!....but when Ive refused all the foods I have done for the best part of my life its so hard for me to break the habbit.
As a child I would eat anything my Mum made for me then all of a sudden I started disliking things & the list just got bigger & bigger & quickly took over my life.

Im not sure how Im going to get on with my weight loss because of my fussiness towards food but Ive got myself in the right mind set for once & am going to give it my very best shot!!

Thanks for reading & Ill appeciate any ideas anyone has on how I could start at tackling my fussy eating.

Looking forward to reading more of everyone elses journey's.:eatdrink051:

Much love to you all!

:rainbow: Shell :rainbow:
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Rome wasn't built in a day.

You will have to keep doing what your doing pushing yourself out of the comfort zone.

Lots of people don't like sauces but like it in bolonaise by contrast.

Start with what you do like and expand what you do like with new items.

Do you like watching cooking shows? They can help inspire to bring out the inner chief. Experiment with new foods or intergrated then into dishes not normally considered.

If i see something suspect on my plate I'll cut it open to see what it is. Usually pleasantly surprised!

Welcome to MiniMins! And thank you for sharing your journey.
Thanks for your ideas....Ill get there slowly but surely!

Having found this site has been a god send.....Lots of wonderful ideas from suporting people....Happy to be here!

Well today was the dreaded weigh in day.....In 1 week Ive put on a 3/4 of a pound.....

Feel disgusted with myself & like I wanna throw the towell in right now.

Trying to keep positive but its tough right now!!

Tomorrow is a new day though I suppose!!

I am keeping a food diary of my own....
....Think I know what I did differently this week from the last so just need to keep my cheat days to a bear minimum if I want to see maximum results fast.

Had a lovely tea this evening....
....Made a Potato base Bacon Pizza & Oh my it was so yummy!!!

Will surely be making this again!!

Shell :eating:
Morning Shell, I know what you mean by needing to try new foods, Some consider me a fussy eater because I really don't like meat or fish....but I do eat a really wide variety of veg and other foods (when I am not too lazy). I would love to eat fish and try very hard to taste it but nope, it doesn't do anything for me and shellfish has made me nauseous. Though I have got to a stage where I can eat cod, fishfingers, fishcakes and bream. I can only seem to stomach it about once a week though and make sure I do this.
Can I give you a tip for the spinach, and also for carrots. Grate a carrot into most dished you cook, a Bolognese, a stew, a soup or any tomato based food, It will add fibre and vitamins and you wont taste it. Add baby spinach leaves to curries, casseroles and any dark coloured foods, again it will almost disintegrate and you shouldn't notice it but will get the goodness from it.

Trying new things is great but if you don't like something juts accept it, I have finally decided I don't like things for a reason. I cant seem to digest red meat properly, raw veg makes me bloated and shellfish makes me sick....see my body knew what it was doing when it didn't want them.

Oh, and well done on posting the photo, photos of me just simply don't exist.

Best wishes
Is that the Hogwarts Express behind you?

I agree about onions - people don't get it - but it's the weird crunchy/squishy texture that makes my stomach churn, bleurgh! I have to admit though, they're pretty good caramelised...
Is that the Hogwarts Express behind you?

I agree about onions - people don't get it - but it's the weird crunchy/squishy texture that makes my stomach churn, bleurgh! I have to admit though, they're pretty good caramelised...

It sure is.....Went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour a few month ago....It was AMAZING!!! Next time I go back Ill look like a different person on photos hopefully if I stick to my Healthy eating plan!

In 4 weeks Ive love 16lbs....Its working whatever Im doing so just gotta keep it up as Ive got a long way to go.

Im planning in joining a gym next month which has a pool so will be making the most of my membership as I dont want to be left with lots of loose skin if Im losing weight this fast!!

Im challenging myself to try new foods each week....
....So far Ive had:
*Rasperries - like them although find them very sour....need to have them with yoghurt to enjoy.
*Blueberries - Enjoy them although dont notice much of a taste.
*Spinach - Love it & mix it in chopped up with most meals Im eating now.
*Sweetcorn - Enjoyed it but havent eaten it since, need to find some recipies to use it in.
*Peas - My fave so far, adore them....Eating them with every evening meal
*Carrots - Really yummy again eating with every evening meal

.....Next on my list to try is Cauliflower but I havent been to the shop this weekend to buy any so will have to try it through the week.

Im surprising myself with how much Im enjoying new foods....Building up to get onions in my foods!!
....Ill get there!!

Shell xx

Wow that's a great selection of new foods you have tried and you seem to be enjoying them. I always think it is easier to make changes as the weather improves, lots or new fruit and veg available to buy and we seem to need less warming comfort food. Keep it up
Love your diar Shell.:)

I have moved you here to the SW diary forum ....was not sure if you would prefer to be in the Food Diary forum or here?
Love your diar Shell.:)

I have moved you here to the SW diary forum ....was not sure if you would prefer to be in the Food Diary forum or here?

Hi Mini,

Thanks although this thread was not intended to be a diary.....I already started a seperate thread in the 'Weight Loss Diary' section & hadnt added one to the 'SW Diary' section as Im not officially signed up with SW even though I am following their plan myself at home.

Wherever the thread is located is fine by me though....If you feel the content has shifted to a diary then by all means place it in the correct place.

Shell x