aarrggghhhh jus had an argument with my flatmate

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  1. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    seriously i have had enough of people commenting on my choice of diet

    usually its the well fruitwont hurt... yes it will, not havin any food apart from my packs meas noooo food, none yes that includes fruit, i hav tried explainin it but they rnt that interested

    the my flatmates have ordered take aways EVERY night since i started my diet,usually it was a couple of times a week, am sure they do it delibrately, fair enough it aint there fault am on this diet so i say nothing, or if they r havin food i will go in my room, one lad kicks off by my 'anti-social' behaviour, i just sed he shud be lucky i wasnt grabbing all his food and eating it all hahah, but today i have lost it with them

    they were ordering food, so i didnt say anything and jus sat there, and then the same lad was like stace do u want anything, then laughed and was like hahhahaha no thats right ur not allowed any are ya, n they all laughed, i lost it :mad: comments were sumthin along the lines of

    yes i am allowed it, it is my choice to do this diet and no-one elses if i want pizza i can have it, but i am simply choosing to stay away from food in order to loose weight, i have tried explainin to yas that i am unhappy cos of my weight, n wud appreciate support instead of critisism but clearly i was never gonna get that, cos yas r to narrow minded to think that anyone cud be slightly different to u, theres 1 thing that i get no support but by laughin at me cos i wanna do sumthin about my weight is jus plain nasty, if i go in my room ys kick off, so i stay even tho i find it hard and now yas laugh at me, am sick of it, yas r lucky thats u's rnt fat and can eat what ya like, am not as lucky, i hope if yas ever wanna do sumtin in order to make yaselfs happy even if its really hard that ya don have pple makin things harder for ya, and walked out the room

    i have jus had 3 text messages from different flatmates tellin me to grow up n sort mysef out, n that it aint their fault that i am on this diet, n that they dont need lectures from me etc

    they dont get that, am not bothered what they eat, n there is one thing rubbin it in my face, but to laugh and make me feel 1 inch big and make me feel sooo upset cos i cant eat like everyone else for a few months

    sorry really needed to rant about it,

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    ANNTEXT Full Member

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    Oh ***hugs****

    I have to say i am not on this diet but your thread made me look at it! -

    they have no right to laugh at you , that purely selffish!

    take no notice of them love - if you feel happy losing weight then you carry on!
    and they should repect you enough for that!

    i hope things work out - chin up and keep your head up!

    good luck love x (sorry i am not much help)
  4. Brad0053

    Brad0053 Silver Member

    Let it wash over you Stacey.

    The diet is tough enough without people mocking you/it.

    Focus on the summer when you will be a skinny mini. The rate they are going with take-aways, you might have to give them some dieting tips before long.

    Take care honey.
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  5. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Stacey - they're lucky they weren't wearing the fecking pizza!!

    How rude of them to be so childish and horrid to you!

    Silly, stupid people!!!!

    Ignore them as much as you can, hun - you are doing what you know is right for you and they can pizz themselves as much as they like as it's just showing them up to be ridiculous louts!

    Hold your head up high, girl! They'll be laughing on the other side of their faces when you are slimmer!!!

    Use your anger to fuel your determination to show them how disciplined you are - I did this when some beech commented that I'd never be a size 10 as my hips were too big. I just thought - I'll show YOU, lady!

    And I did!

    Revenge is sweet!!!!!

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  6. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    thanks everyone, one of my flatmates is really interestd in my diet and she has been really nice bout it, she is always askin how i am doin etc, and she heard me shoutin and she has jus kicked off at them all

    i jus kinda expected more from them, than to be soo awful, hahahaha by the time i finish i will be thin n they will be fat lol

    anyways their opinions meant nothing to me, they clearly dont understand and that aint my problem

    sorry was jus sooooo annoyed

  7. RachelA

    RachelA Silver Member

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    Hiya Stacey!! Well done you for sticking to our guns and telling them why!! If they understood how you felt, they wouldnt be like that with you!! AT least you have 1 flatmate sticking up for you.
    WELL DONE!!!
  8. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Hey chix, you have every right to be annoyd! I swear,it annoys me sooooooooooo much when other people think they have a right to inflcit their choices upon me, no matter wat they are, be it religion, politics, diet or whatever.

    All I can say is you are doung SOO SOOOO SOOOOOO well to stick at it! CD is extreme, but peope who dont have or are not aware of their weight problems dont seem to get that its not as easy as taking one nite off!! I did CD for 3 months, found it really hard at times, but told absolutely noone wat I was doing simply so I did not have to deal with the funny looks and silly questions!! Now I am doing WW and tonite wen my mate wanted to order grub for us and d kidz I dint feel guilty cos I was able to enjoy it as well!!

    At different stages of our lives we need to try different things........remember this is your life, if I had discovered CD in my earlier 20's I would have jumped at it so make sure you grab it by the horns and give it your all despite what other people might think! Its your life bage and you gotta make it wat you want it to be, not simply wat fits in wit everyone else!!
  9. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    thanks everyone

    i realy dont wanna be fat anymore, it gets me down soo much, i jus wih pple were happy for me that i am tryin really hard at this, i think i was already annoyed at them cos of their lack of support this week with everything else too, mybe i expect too much from them, but i know that if any one of them wanted to do anythin that was gonna make them happier i wud try sooo hard to support them in it

    never mind today is nearly over (2 weeks today for me :) ) and tomorrow i meet my new cdc and meet verity :) so am lookin forward to it, oo n then my date hah

    i am hoping to have dropped to a comfy 14 by my birthday (june) dunno if i am being realistic tho :p lol,

    sorry for wingin on here all the time, am jus stressed, n if it wernt for u guys i wud be eating food

    i love yas all hahhaa


    ANNTEXT Full Member

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    You done so well - KEEP UP A GOOD WORK !
    hopefully everything will be ok soon x
  11. Azar

    Azar Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hey Stacey,

    I have to give you great credit for refusing the take aways and im sure that by your birthday you will be around 2st less than now. My fingers are crossed and i really hope you can reach that target.

    Stay determined and remember to drink around 4lt or more water daily, that would really help you.

    Im new to this forum (although im a CDC) but will surely keep an eye on ur progress.

    Good luck
  12. lahodges87

    lahodges87 Full Member

    cambridge diet
    hey stacey - eugh i know howu feel my bf was like that wen i first started - u no aw but this one little thing wont do u ne harm i love u the way u are etc etc (iv talked him round now - kinda he stil likes to tempt me! grr lol) ome ppl just dnt understand that we are not loosing wieght to please everyone else - we are trying to loose weight so that we can be happier in ourselves and the majority if not all of us dnt realli give a rats ass what they think but its always nice to have the support!
    Especially men (or should i say boys) they are the worst - most of them do not get the concept of it! lol

    Well done you for stickin up for yourself!! n if u ask me u wer just right to say what u did n they had NO RIGHT to laugh or even send ya the msgs afterwards (are they that stupid they didnt even realise they had upset u ..... duhhhh u wudnt have shouted if they didnt - do they share half a brain between them or something?hehe)
    KEEP AT IT GIRLIE!!!! theyl be the ones regrettin it wen ur a skinny mini and al their take outs catch up on them!
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  13. Rallya

    Rallya Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Its reading posts like this that make me so glad I live on my own :(

    Stacey, just ignore them hun, its their ignorance showing through.
  14. lancslass53

    lancslass53 Silver Member

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    hi stacey

    just remember "what goes around comes around", just think when u r nice and slim and their take aways have made them pile on all the pounds, they will be asking you for advice :)
  15. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

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    Hi Stacey!! I had to reply to your post, but just following up on the above post - this happened to me!! My friend said, Lauren you will never be a size 8 - 10 because its your body shape, well hello i now wear size 10 trousers ha ha!

    Anyway, I had an awful time with my flatmate, you should read my blog, she was so so awful to me when i started my diet and gave me a lecture about it and that its not healthy and all that, well 2 weeks into the diet she actually told me she'd like to go on it herself.

    I guarantee that if you stay strong, ignore them, hold your head high and keep on the diet - when you do lose your weight they will totally change their attitude and will start realising what you have done and why you done it. I had nothing but bad comments and unsupportive people around me when i started and i am not lying when i say all of them changed their views on the diet when i had lost the weight. The diet sells itself - you dont have to do nothing.

    As for the takeaways - who cares what they think if you sit in your room, they have no idea how gut wrenching it is to watch people gorge on pizza, chinese, indian when you have eaten nothing for ages. Do any of them smoke? Ask them if they would like to sit around you (if u smoke - just an example!) if they were trying to give up and you were smoking.

    They sound immature and not what you need right now - be the better person and ignore them, stupid morons!

    Chin up - hope ur ok.

  16. gg2007

    gg2007 Full Member

    Hey hun,

    i know its easier siad then done, but dont let it get to you. What i do when people decide to take the mickey out of the diet is..i turn it around to my advantage, i use all of their negative comments and turn it into positive. Think about why you are doing this diet... and use it to empower yourself. Think about ur losses so far... In the end hunny CD will pay off...in next to no time, you will be walking around with your hot sexy figure and they will all be sitting there with the pizza and take away junk food sitting in their fat cells. lol lol

  17. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    I understand how upset you are. But people who have never had a weight problem just don't understand. But they seem as though they are dying to put you off and want you to fail. Not much support at all.

    Good for you telling them how you feel. Let's hope they now act in a different way but I doubt it.

    You are being very strong and so pleased with you as it would have been so easy to forget about the diet and join them.

    Irene xx
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  19. Brightness

    Brightness Happily on CD

    You know what I'd do? When they sit down to their take -aways I'd start saying 'Ooh think of the cholesterol hardening those arteries' or 'Oooh, have you heard that they use some disgusting things in those take away places' etc etc.

    Good on you for sticking to your guns. They might not have a weight problem but if they carry on the way they are then they will have heart problems when they get older!

  20. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    Hang on a minute...

    Flatmates etc should not 'have a go' just because we are VLCD-ing, but they are definitely entitled to eat what they want, whenever they want, in their own homes, since they pay rent to live there and should be at ease.

    It is the dieter's choice to diet, not theirs. Making them feel bad for relishing normal food is not fair. They can't help not gaining weight, any more than we can help gaining it all too easily.

    The smoking comparison doesn't hold up. That's entirely different.

    I would hate to think that I was peeing off my flatmates just cos I had started VLCD-ing, and was making their lives and their mealtimes a drag.

    It works both ways, surely?
  21. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    hey but thats wat i am sayin, its up to them wat they eat when they eat, but i find it difficult to sit around them when they have all this food, so i chose to go to my room while they ate my favourite foods, but then i was calld unsociable, so then i decided i wud sit with them even tho it was hard for me, then they start laughin at me an going on bout how i cant have any, its jus plain nasty really

  22. Brightness

    Brightness Happily on CD

    I agree with you Stacey, no one is saying that they shouldn't eat what they want, it's their bodies they can do what they want.

    I just don't see the problem with you going to your room whilst they eat :confused: . I do it frequently whilst my lot are eating, or I take the dogs out for a walk or have a bath, come on here etc. Now, if only I could get out of preparing their food too .... ;)

    This is supposed to be a free country and if you're paying your rent etc then surely you should be able to do what you want (within reason) in your own home!

    Big :hug99:'s for you hunny xxxxx
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