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about 10 stone to lose


But you can call me Elise
Have you done specific diets before? Depending on how you got on with those that will give people an idea of what advice to give. I did Cambridge a couple of years ago, got on really well with it at first, but hated every minute, and quite frankly was a moody ***** (the word was the one that means female dog, but apparently I'm not allowed to type that) whilst on it! (Was pleased to lose over 4 stone though!) VLCDs are for those with real self-discipline, which I only managed for 3-4 months and have since piled all of the weight and more back on (they ruin the metabolism (temporarily if you are lucky) so you have to be really careful coming off them - not do what I did and just stop!).

Slimming classes are really helpful to a lot of people, I just wish I could do one, but my working hours change week to week and make it almost impossible!

I'm doing Diet Chef (this time), but today is day 1, so I can't comment on it yet! It is very convenient, but that's all I'm qualified to say right now.

Good luck whatever you choose!
I have about 10 stone to lose but cant decide what slimming club to join or if i should do atkins or dukan can i please have peoples views on what they think is the best thanks
Hi yummymummy,
i was 14 stone the first time i went to i slimming club, always managed to lose a bit of weight and always managed to gain more than i lost, so when i got to 20 stone i decided no more slimming clubs, just cant manage to stick to the rules, this time im using the paul mckenna cd+dvd and so far its working, this forum has really helped me too, goodluck with whatever plan you choose, keep posting hun:)
Hi, I am new here and in the same position - at least 10 stone to lose probably more. I have done weightwatchers before and been successful on the old plan losing 6 stone 10 years ago. I have put it all back on again (and more). I now feel totally ashamed of myself. I also feel larthargic, uncomfortable and quite embarrassed. I cant really afford to go to weightwatchers again. I am thinking that calorie counting may be the way forward - can anyone offer advice or words of wisdom?


But you can call me Elise
When I've done calorie counting successfully, it's been through sticking rigidly to recipes from cook books that have calories quoted underneath - it gives you a good sense of portion control too - if it says the recipe is for 4, you split it into 4 portions and freeze the ones you don't use - saving time for another day. I found the BBC Good Food 101 series of cookbooks good for this - cheap books and the recipes are generally very good - the one pot dishes and are quick and easy and there are several low fat/healthy eating books in the series and "cheap eats" is good if you are on a budget - however try the BBC Good Food website for a cheaper option still - you can search thousands of recipes by calories too.

Soups are really good for lunches - I found plenty that are 100-150 calories per serving. If the soup's not enough on it's own, you don't feel guilty having a big crusty roll with it if you know your soup is only 120 calories!

I find calorie counting this way works for me, the only reason I'm not doing it at the moment is that work is hectic and seems to be taking over my life, so I'm trying Diet Chef because it seems easy and convenient, and when I've spend so much money on the food, I know it adds the extra incentive to stick to it!
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Personally I can't recommend SW highly enough. I have lost 3 stone 1.5lbs in 12 weeks :)
Hi! Another vote for slimming world- it's so easy to follow and you're never hungry! There's so much choice and I find the group atmosphere very supportive. I've lost 4st since January, although I've hit a rough patch recently which is nothing to do with the plan and all to do with self-sabotage! The group sessions are really friendly and people are only interested in helping each other, so if you have a bad week everyone will be full of ideas for how to get back on track.

Good luck whichever plan you choose to follow- you can do it!


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