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About to start!


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Hi all!​
I'm off to the pharmacy in a min to hopefully get Lipotrim.
I've been doing sw since my DD was born in Sept but I've been faffing around and have only managed to lose 2 stone in that time. With 3 more to go I need a good kick up the beeeeehind and Lipotrim seemed like it works well for less money than the others.

Can I still expect a decent loss in my first week even though I have been eating vaguely healthily?

I'm full of motivation at the mo.....just dreading telling dh as he hates this kind of thing (worried i'll stop cooking I think)
Anyway, I'll catch up with you all later!

Have a good day girls and boys!​
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Welcome Lisaberry

The first week you will certainly have a great weight loss. As your body kicks into ketosis in day 3 the weight will just fall off. I'm on week 2 getting weighed on saturday. I get weighed twice weekly on a tuesday as well. Good luck. Come onto this site and post. It really helps me i come on every day it's great support.
Hi Lisa

Good luck with your first week, you'll be so pleased you decided to do this.
Have a read of peoples posts and you will see the kind of weight loss to expect.
Emma x


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Welcome Lisaberry, warm welcome. I'm on my first week now, 6th day today and tomorrow is my first time weight in. You will loose loads in the first week as the first thing that will go is glycogen, which is tied with water (have a look on wikipedia, it's explained really well there).

Then once that energy is gone your body will go into ketosis (that's when your body will start burning fat reserves). I thought yesterday that I still wasn't in ketosis but my GP said I definitely was and when I tested myself in the evening with ketostix (you can buy them in a pharmacy I think) I definitely was in ketosis. So I think the 3 day rule already mentioned here is probably quite relevant for most people.

Once in ketosis your mood might be quite good (I feel sort of excited and giddy), you may feel cold (my hands and feet especially), and your hunger pangs should be lessened (mine are still quite bad but I just kind of accept them so it's not that bad).

As everyone will tell you you need to drink lots of water - SIP it though - DO NOT drink lots in one go as that could be dangerous. Also, it should be between 2-4 litres. I think more then 4 (5) litres is a bit questionable since it can potentially play a havoc with your electrolytes (salt & mineral levels in your blood). SO the best thing to do is to really either take a note of what you're drinking or by having a litre bottle next to you and basically counting how many you have during a day. You've got to get very strict with this ;-)

You can drink herbal teas (mint tea, green tea - I also have earls grey but am not sure if that one is allowed so I'll ask my pharmacist tomorrow), water (still or fizzy - but must be without any additives!), have ice, small hard sweetener (can't stand this one personally so not for me) and black coffee. And lastly, you've got to be extremely strict with yourself food wise. No piece of anything if you're on a total food replacement plan!!! Saying that, I'd better go now & throw away a few tortilla crisps that have been playing on my mind since I've started Lipotrim....;-)

All the best and I look forward to seeing your progress here.
Hi Lisaberry :)

I started LT on money and I've found this site and the people on it really helpful and motivating: just read the success stories, they are so amazing!

I tried SW at the start of the year and with so much so lose I was so disheartened by 1/2 pound losses each week when I was following their advice to the letter.

Just hold on to your motivation and good luck with your first week, i'm sure you will do fantastically!!

ames xXx


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Lisa. Don't worry about how much you will lose in the first week, it's the overall figure I am thinking about. You will get rid of that 3 stones in no time on LT. Good luck and keep drinking plenty of water and stay positive, you can do it!


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Thanks for all the messages!
I'm back now with my carrier bag full of shakes and I went to Tesco and bought fizzy and still water and peppermint and green tea

I work 3 days a week and those will be a doodle. Cooking the kids tea and after they have gone to bed are going to be my problem times.
Still, I am completely determined to do this, it's my 30th birthday in October and my family were all going to pitch in to get me some Louboutin shoes. I only want to get them if I'm back in my thin jeans....so a minimum of 2 stone needs to come off (I can just about squeeze into them at 10 stone 5 but fit better at my target of 9 stone
Hi lisaberry,

Good luck with your 1st week. If night time is going to be your problem time try to find stuff to distract yourself with. Reading the posts on the forum, or looking online at all the clothes you fancy wearing on your birthday.

I've started playing on a WI, keeps me entertained for hours and b4 i know it I'm ready for bed :)

Keep strong,

ames xXx


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Yeah I reckon I might dust the wii balance board off!
Oh and def think I'll be on here loads!


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I just had my second shake....definitely much better when whisked up with a hand blender.
How do people mix them properly when they can't use a blender? My first shake I just sed a shaker and I could not get the lumps out and it was really watery.
Anyone got any tips?


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Hi Lisaberry

I just bring the electric whisk thing with me. I know that sounds drastic but I used to carry packets of cr*sps and s*ndwiches and fizzy drinks to work for lunch and the whisk thing (not sure of term - little braun hand held blender that does a smashing job whipping up my shakes) weighs less.

I'm on Day 4 and I think I am in Ketosis now. It wasnt too bad really. Spend a bit of time in bed and be good to yourself. It helps.



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Not an option for me at work...we aren't allowed to plug anything in (we don't have a kitchen of any sort)


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Oh dear. Then you best get the shaker Lipotrim sell. A manual shaker. I've got one and it works well enough.

Best of luck today. Try to work something out blender wise cos the diet is hard enough without having to take lumpy shakes. An egg beater might work in a bowl to whip up the shake if you have nothing else. I've had lumpy shakes. Yuck.

Stick with it. I'm on day 5 and my weighing scales is showing me down about 7lbs. I feel better. It works and its worth the effort. And worth drinking the odd lumpy shake.

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I've got the celebrity slim shaker which I think is the same thing.
I work in an investment bank (so office based) andvi think even getting a bowl and a whisk out would raise a few too many eyebrows
I wonder if adding a bit of water, mixing it to a paste and then adding the rest of the water might help?

Oh I'm so glad I can still have coffee! I'm used to having it black so it's my little but of normality!
Going to miss my Starbucks though (they know what I order as soon as I walk in)

One more question....I've seen a few people saying they cook proper meals for the family. I would very much like to continue doing this but I've always been someone that cooks by tasting rather than to a recipe.....how do u make sure you are not serving up something vile??


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Hi Lisa, I think getting a shaker for work would be great. I had a colleague who was on lighter life and she always carried it with her. It's also so much easier to get the shakes into a consistency, which has only a few lumps ;-) + it just looks like as if you're just having a milkshake.

With regards to the paste = I've just made a mousse and then get a bit left in the bowl so put some extra water into it (right now I just feel I don't want to miss out on any powdery bits LOL); it really didn't mix much, took me ages until I was able to finish it off. So try doing this at home as it may be too hard to make a paste into a shake.

Can't help you with how to deal with cooking for your family; I'd probably get them to taste it (you really, really can't do any tasting!!!!) in some fun 'you're a chef of the day' way. Could be fun for your children :)

All the best - stick with it; I'm on my 6th day and apart from feeling a bit dizzy am feeling fantastic with tons of energy!

Take care.

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