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About to start

Well I've ordered my first weeks worth today so I am going to be starting soon. I'm a bit nervous because I am always hungry :eek:

I do a lot of running (I run competitively over 10K with the occasional marathon - got one in 7 weeks) so I train very hard often twice a day. I'm also a dance instructor part time so need ot keep my strength up.

How does everyone feel on this diet - do you feel really hungry and weak? I'm going to start off with it but may add in extra snacks if necessary to keep training up - do you think that would make it pointless?

Thanks all!
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I dont think so, they do say that you should never be hungry on CS and if you are you can up your snack size by ten percent, wait and see how you get on but you are pretty active by the sounds of it. It also says in the book that if you excersize your weight loss will be more so it looks like you are the ideal person to lose on this diet. good luck. when are you going to start?
Hi - welcome! Best wishes for starting, you should lose the 20lbs in next to no time. You many need to up your snacks/cal intake if you are really active and training twice daily but I guess you would just take it day by day and see how you feel. You will lose weight even if you have a bit more than it states in the programme, as long as it low carb, as you'll be burning up the cals and fat really fast.

Good luck and keep us posted x
Thanks for the welcome :)

Apparently my week stash has been despatched so hopefully with me this weekend, starting Monday I reckon. I'm going to see how I go and be prepared to snack more if necessary. I don't 'do' fruit :eek: so this could be interesting :8855:

Will keep you posted!

lol i dont generally 'do fruit' either but i have been since starting this, its just a shame that most of the fruit i love isnt allowed!
Hi - great news! I'm not a big fruit fan but I do like strawberries (which you can occasionally have with a little cream or low fat natural yoghurt), oranges and apples.

For non-fruit snacks you can have 1/2 CS bar, or another fav of mine is a small 80g tin of tuna in brine with a small dollop of mayo with loads and loads of salad - very nice - or you can have 30g of cheese or some chicken or ham with unlimited salad or veg as a snack.

When you get your starter pack there is a booklet enclosed which lists all the foods you're allowed with some simple ideas. The Irish and Oz CS websites are quite good to look at for some recipe ideas too.
ooh I like strawberries, if you don't have them with cream can you eat lots of them as snacks? I can handle grapes as well. Melon is ok if someone chops it for me (jeeps I'm lazy!)

Otherwise it has to be bananas but I'm guessing that they're not allowed. :sigh:

Thanks for the ideas ladies. With the bars could you just eat another cereal bar like special K? I've ordered a mixed pack of shakes as I'm not a soup fan and the bars seem a bit grim, so hoping to make the snacks up from 'normal' food

Im not that fussed on fruit, but I love veg. I also make myself up a small salad and add a boiled egg,tin tuna/salmon, 30g cheese,2 slices meat.
I also have the atkins bars cut in half for a snack (cheaper than CS bars and miles nicer) Atkins also do a breakfast bar, but I havent tried it yet. Good luck x


Eloquent hooligan
Welcome aboard Poodles :D Blimey... I wish I had your starting BMI !
jeez i know im scared to even work mine out lol


Eloquent hooligan
jeez i know im scared to even work mine out lol
You're the same height as me I think (although I'd have to go back to back to believe it ;) ) so you're BMI @ 12st 12lb is 29 :)

I'm putting mine down to big shoulders & arms... is yours down to other equally large assets ? ;)
Hi good luck :O) I ordered my starter pack late last Thursday evening and it arrived Tuesday mid morning.I ordered my 2nd weeks pack and got it the next day :D
Just get the heatly stuff in your allowed so your not tempted to eat stuff not allowed maybe get your pack read through then shop?I didnt so I had a teeny amount on day 1 :eek:
Looking forward to seeing you disappear ;)xxx
Hi Poodles - yip strawberries (any berries) are allowed as snacks but the low fat natural yoghurt or cream is "occasionally", so I'm guessing maybe just the once maybe twice max a week.

As Mazza mentioned before unfortunately, bananas, grapes, melon aren't allowed on the CS diet - but you can have any berry, apples, oranges, plums, pears etc...so it's not all bad!

I've just bought some Atkins bars (3 for 2 just now in Boots & they're in boxes of 5, therefore around 75p per bar) and tried the cappuccino nut bar and it DELICIOUS! They're smaller (37g not CS 55g bars) a bit less in carbs and 159cals or so each. I don't have a Rowlands where I live, so getting the CS bars aren't so easy for my and I don't really want to pay £4 for postage - tight scottish girl that I am!

Once you get your starter pack and CS book you'll be all clued up with what is and isn't allowed. In the meantime, check out the CS websites in Ireland and Australia. x

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