Achievements to date, and future goals.

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  1. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

    Goal Weight:
    I wondered if anyone would like to join me in listing their achievements to date, and their future goals?
    I have given my lists some heavy thought and consideration over the past couple of days and think that by posting them we can continue to support each other.

    Achievements so far
    *I have lost the weight of my almost 5 year old child!
    *I have got more than 2 pairs of bottoms that fit me. In fact, I have LOADS of bottoms that fit me now!
    *I can wear my wedding, engagement AND eternity rings all at the same time, and they are getting loose!
    *I have a lot more confidence.
    *I found my libido ;)
    *I look in the mirror and don't feel disgusted.
    *I took my son swimming and didn't think twice about being in a costume.
    *I am learning to accept compliments.
    *My skin glows because I no longer glug crappy carbonated drinks. Water is the way ahead, and lots of it.
    *I feel more 'accepted' by others
    *The seatbelt wasn't an issue when I flew last month!

    Future goals

    *I want to be able to go into a shop and buy a size 14 knowing it will fit me without trying it on.
    *I want to go to my first mess function (hubby in forces) dressed to kill.
    *I want to be in photos! My son is almost 5 and there are so few pics of us together as I hate my pic being taken.
    *I want to reach my goal weight before Christmas, because we're going on our hols and I want to hit the US shops in a big bad way! Have always bought anything that fit, now I want to buy stuff I like!
    *I want to feel proud of myself. I am learning to like what I see but I need to work on it some more.
    *I'd love to be chatted up! Sounds silly, and I am VERY happily married, but I would love for someone else to think I was worthy of a try!
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  3. sabab172

    sabab172 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Well done you and I agree with alot of your list - leave it with me and I will compose mine! LOL Sxxx
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  4. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

    Goal Weight:
    I find it really disheartenening that over 40 people have viewed and only one has taken the time to reply. I was hoping that others would enjoy sharing their achievements, but I suppose I was wrong. :(:(
  5. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

    Goal Weight:
    Just seen this, my positives:
    Have gone from a size 24 to a size 18 since June.
    Asthma is a lot better and the doc is very happy with me.
    Hubby is starting to notice and comment on how much slimmer I'm looking.

    To be a size 12-14 and be confident in my appearance.
    To wear a show stopping outfit at our Christmas Party this year and have everyone think how great I look!
    To finally get this weight shifted and not hide in the corner anymore in 2009 when I'm 40!
  6. Percy greenfingers

    Percy greenfingers Silver Member

    Well done you, shopping in the USA sounds fun:
    So far: Restarted and admited I needed to, which wasn't easy
    Fitted into my favorite size 14 black cords - nearly too big
    going for daily walks and enjoying them
    enjoying cooking without wanting the food

    what i want is:
    To look hot for Christmas
    To be the slimmest twin at my sisters wedding on October 11th
    To go to a sales meeting with a jacket that does up
    To wear sexy undies that don't roll down
    To start wearing makeup with out looking like coco the clown
    To get through a weekend without alcohol.

    They may seem little goals to some people, but there massive to me!
    Keep going everyone, we all know it'll be worth it in the end.
  7. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

    Achievements for me are finding a diet that finally worked after years of trying..and altho i am on re-start i'm still proud of the weight i did lose.

    1= Fit into a size 10 uniform
    2= Look fab in a bikini next to all my gorgeous work collegues
    3= Wear white skinny jeans and see no visable lumps/cellulite
    4= Have the confidence to feel worthy of compliments
    5= Stop letting food/drink rule my life
    6= Adapt a more positive attitude to my body image
    7= Find myself a sexy fella to enjoy life with
    8= Buy lush underwear from Victoria Secerets to wear for above fella
    9= Shop wherever i want, buy what i like rather than anything black!!
    10= Finally feel 100% happy

    Oh and my boobs, have implants... how could i forget them...xx
  8. Nibbles

    Nibbles Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Good luck on your restart. Are you off anywhere nice this week. Just remember to put your tetras in your suitcase. And no crew parties!!!!LOL:sigh:
  9. Dogtanion

    Dogtanion Silver Member

    Start Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Achievements so far
    1) to get into a size 14 trouser (I used to be a 26!!!)
    2) to get into a size 10 Jane Norman top and look fab!
    3) to pick up a size 12 top and know that it will fit or be too big!

    Goals to achieve:
    1) to be able to pick up a size twelve trousers and have them fit
    2) to see a number 10 on the scales
    3) to be at goal and slim for my 32nd birthday (5th Oct) I've never been slim so am having a party to celebrate - hope it isnt too premature!!!
  10. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

    Nibbles...your name is making me hungry, lol.

    Off to Havana on the 28th but no partying for me, well unless it's a water and tetra huh..then i've got a Miami, Japan, New York and Antigua so as most of them are beach locations i need to get into gear to achieve that looking fab in a bikini goal!!

    Oh and i thought of another not be paranoid when i'm walking down the street and hear laughing and automatically presume i'm getting laughed at!x
  11. Nibbles

    Nibbles Silver Member

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    Goal Weight:
    Cambridge Diet
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  12. Orange Plum

    Orange Plum Full Member

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    Tony Ferguson
    Great thread - really makes you think
    Achievements so far are: fitting into a pair of jeans I bought 20 years ago - not quite sure why I have kept them as they have no lycra in them so feel quite uncomfortable but they are loose now whereas before I could hardly get them over my bum! Losing over 2 stone - the most I have ever done whilst dieting and I will keep going. Not eating a carb at all since I started the diet - no pasta, no bread, no rice - my favourite things! People noticing that I have lost weight - its really encouraging.

    Goals - to get down to a Size 14 or maybe even a 12 - 12 unlikely but I might try
    to be able to enjoy my holiday at end of Oct but also to get back on when I get back to reach my goal
    to be able to move up the plans and start reintroducing more food -although I am not at that stage yet its something I am quite scared of
    To be able to run about much more and race up the stairs at the tube stations when I am in a rush! Finally to be treated normally by all those other people who think you must be odd/not worth talking to because you are overweight!
  13. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Hi all,
    Well I still consider myself a newbie but if I may, here goes!
    Achievements so far
    * I made the decision that I no longer will be obese.
    * I realised that I am worth more than a lifetime of feeling miserable
    * I have lost a stone in 2 week so far on SS.

    Future Goals And Aspirations

    * I want to be a size 12 by the time I am 40!
    * I want to wake up without wincing, and groaning with a sore back.
    * I want to be able to run about with my children, go swimming without embarrassment, and enjoy theme parks without the fear of not fitting in the seats.
    * I want to be able to have a happy and exciting sex life with the lights on.
    * I want to be able to wear clothes that suit me instead of clothes that just fit me!
    * I want to find the person I know is hiding inside of me, but who at the moment is too shy to come out.
    * To look my age instead of 20 years older!

  14. Dinkey

    Dinkey Full Member

    I agree three weeks into the diet and lost over a stone. After recently being made redundant I gained a lot more weight and became unhealthy, I have made my mind up to make a go of this diet.

    To get into a size 16 or less now a 22.
    To wear skirts and dress's again after six years.
    Wear a ball gown on my next cruise.
    Feel more healthy.
    Be able to walk without puffing and panting.
    Gain self esteem.
    Look attractive again for my hubby.:cupid:
  15. Toots

    Toots Gold Member

    All of your achievements are fab, Ladies, and your goals inspirational

  16. cicerone

    cicerone Cambridge Diet Counsellor

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    Goal Weight:
    Cambridge Diet
    Good morning,

    Achievements so far ;
    I've joined a mixed gym
    I fit into a size 14 jeans and 16 top.
    Feeling sexy again
    My confidence is growing.
    I no longer walk with my head down.
    I've started dating again.
    I have two bin bags full of clothes that I am going to sell, as I never want to fit into again
    I get compliments.

    Future Goals;
    To fit into 12 jeans and 14 top
    To be going to the gym 3 times a week and not feel like people are looking at the fattie.
    To look in the mirror and think, oo yer you go girl. haha
    To buy clothes that I really love, instead of thinking, I love that, but it would never look good on me
    To go on holiday next year and wear a bikini I like, and not one that will just do
    To walk along a beach in my bikini and not feel disgusting
    To take part in sports and not be thinking "what do I look like"
    To buy sexy underwear and enjoy showing it off (to a partner of course)

    Oo I've really enjoyed typing all this. Thanks Jabba for the idea.
    Its giving me even more inspiration xxxx
  17. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Brilliant thread!

    Lots of non-scale victories on here! :D
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  19. redhead66

    redhead66 This will be my year

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Low carb
    Hi all,

    I'm newbie (only started CD on Wednesday), so my achievements are a bit limited:-
    1. Stepping on the scales after putting it off for months :eek:
    2. Joining a gym

    1. To see my OH's face when he walks through the door after 6 weeks away - he comes back end of October, and sees me looking fab and feeling good about myself
    2. To walk into any shop and know that I can take my pick of any style and any colour I fancy
    3. Not have the assistants look at me as if to say 'who are you kidding?' if I ask for my size... not that I'd want to spend my hard earned cash over in those shops anyway :D
    4. To be able to keep up with the rest of the class at the gym
    5. To not always be the one taking the photo's rather than appearing in them
    6. To go to my OH's works party in January and have all the young guys he works with talk about me afterwards for the right reasons
    7. To have the confidence to go ahead with the boudoir photo shoot I've organised for my OH's Xmas pressie - I don't know where my head was the day I booked it, but the idea of stripping off is keeping me on the straight and narrow :)
    8. To have a sexy Rhianna style crop and know my head doesn't look like a basketball
    9. To be chatted up in the queue at the supermarket - I'm very happy with my OH, but it would still be nice for a dishy guy to pay me a little attention :)

    Thanks for starting this off Jabba, reading everybody's posts has given me so much inspiration and boosted my motivation to hit my own goals.
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  20. Big Bird

    Big Bird Full Member

    Slimming World
    Fantastic thread JTH -
    1. Gone from a size 24 to 20
    2. Skin looking good, and i am not so tried
    3. Shopping bill gone down, kids eating healthier
    4. dog getting nice long walks

    Want to achieve
    1. To have the water in the bath go down the plug hole, while i am still sitting in the bath (May sound strange but hey its my list :0)
    2. to buy something i like rather than what fits
    3. To go to Thialnd next year for my Silver Wedding not dreading the flight
    4. to get fit, be able to join a gym/fitness class without worrying what i look like !!
    5. To be half way to my goal by Xmas :0)
  21. Dogtanion

    Dogtanion Silver Member

    Start Weight:
    Goal Weight:

    Yes Know what you mean - I just hit that goal - so nice to actually have all the water leave rather than have a dam behind my backside!!!!
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