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few q's!

used my actifry first time last night, i followed instructions, and only cooked fro 30mins as it suggested that i shouldnt cook anything over 30mins the first time i use it. i used sunflower oil. (how many syns?? )

i didnt cut them like french fries, but they wernt overly thick, but they didnt crisp as much as i expected ?? did i do somthing wrong?

Also, if i used that spoon thats provided full of oil, is that a HEB or how many syns?
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I got an actifry for christmas & have used it twice now.

I am totally disappointed in the chips it produces. The first time I used baking pots, so I went & bought maris piper, washed & dried them as instructed but they were AWFUL.

Not golden at all, pale with dark splodges on & they weren't tasty at all.

I am going to take it back & get a refund. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, I just think it makes rubbish chips. The SW ones I make in the oven are a million times better.



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i bought one of these about 2 months ago and its been the best thing i ever bought... i use frylight with mine too.. and i sprinkle a bit of salt over them also ... cooking time varies but usually between 30 and 40 mins and i have experimented with the best size and cut of the potatoes ..... my mum has also been and got one now and loves it... i dont even bother peeling my potatoes any more ... slice them up quickly, dry them off quickly bung them in with a spoonful of frylight, salt and press the button.. fantastic for when i need a carb kick! :)
( Im new to the forum so Hello everyone :) )


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definately golden, chip size varies to be honest, i have tried french fry size and they are okay but can get a bit mushed up when the arm thing pushes them around ...chunkier ones i prefer but they do take a bit longer to cook.. and i am not that patient when i am waiting for them .... maybe you have a faulty machine and thats why they aren't cooking the same as on the box. You really do have to make sure that you dry them ( although having said that I have slung mine in without doing that too now i come to think about it!) ... but definately no black sploges on them anywhere.. it might be worth you getting it exchanged because it sounds like the heat isnt even to me (imho)


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Alco .. its a 'fryer' ( but not really).. its a gadget that cooks your food using a combination of heat, ( obviously lol! doh!), i tbsn of oil or fry light, and i guess the steam naturally created from the moisture in the food. It consists of a non stick bowl / vessel, and an arm that moves the food around the bowl as it cooks ... very simple theory behnd it all , they are still pretty expensive but I have to say its the BEST 120 squid that I have spent in a long time ( my hubby still thinks i only paid £70 and that made him faint and go wobbly at the knees but he uses it as much as me so I am sure he wouldnt' mind if I told him.. but i wont lol!) You can buy them on line but in all honesty, this is one kitchen gadget that I would only get from a shop where you can take it back if you have any issues with it .. hope that helps a bit :) ( an its made by tefal... I am guessing its got a long patent on it because its been out for a while yet and no one has come up with a cheaper copy yet)


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I think we should all send in pics of our tefal chips lol . ( when i can finally get to do the photos thing on here.. doesnt seem to be 'activated' by the mods yet).. i made some chips last night, especially for the purpose of research following this discussion and they were definately golden and crispy ( altho not like a chip shop chip f thats what any tefal newbies are expecting) .... i cooked them for 40 mins.. used bog standard white potatoes from Mr Tesco .... loads of salt and vinegar, delish, i have to say ... no black or white spoldgey bits ( altho you do sometmes get some 'crunchy ' bits at the bottom but they are the best bits) .... will take some pics ready for when canfinally do that on my account here!


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im not sure really .... maybe.. lol.. its difficult to describe.. have you actually seen one? it really is a non stick bowl that gets hot, and an arm that moves the food around the bowl. I do think that it gets anywhere near as hot as a g.F. Grill and the steaming part is a natural by process because of the water evapourating from the food you are cooking ... so basically its a hot bowl with a moving arm lol :)
I've been debating on buying one of these for a few months now but they seem quite expensive.

I do mine in the oven but they always have black splodges on them, but they taste ok.

I make SW chips about once every 10 days if that - is it worth the investement?


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i have found a piccy of my tefal chips on my computer but i cant work out how to add them into a message posting, it will only let me do it to a link / url :-( and my golden chippies posed so well for the piccy :)

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