Broken and frustrated. lets try this


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Height: 5 foot.
Weight: 9 stone 13 (if my scales are my friend)
BMI: 28 point something? overweight either way.
Aim: late 8 stone - 9 stone. As much as i'd love lower, my activity level may ruin this.
Issues: Cannot exercise due to ME/CFS. I live an incredibly sedentary life. My bmr puts me at around 1300 calories.
Past diets: Successful cambridge diet and weight watchers years ago. Recently weight watchers failed, cambridge plan i couldn't body is not my friend.

Story: So due to my low energy lifestyle, if i go over my 1200 calories, I gain weight. Pretty simple really. I have let these gains pile up and it got me to 10 stone 3. I have just come off 5 weeks of the Cambridge diet. This used to be my go-to. Low carb helped the weight melt off in the past. However, i have barely lost anything even though sticking to plan 100%. It has begun to interfere with my health, so I was advised to go to the next level - which could really be done on slimming world - and be cheaper.

Today is my first day
my breakfast: my hex b of 35g of frosted shreddies with around 50ml of skimmed milk. I didn't measure it, so i rounded it up to 100ml on mfp.

lunch: I have a baked potato in the oven. I used 1 san on 1/2 a teaspoon of oil to crisp up that skin. I weighed the potato. its 270g. plus the chicken breast- this is a stonker of a lunch in at over 500 calories. I'm already doubtful and have decided to eat only half the potato and use my hex a (well the rest of it) on some cheese on it. I'm sticking with all the protein, but i do not trust that eating THAT much will help me lose weight. I'll probably have just under a tablespoon of bbq sauce at 1 syn to eat with this. so Lunch will be 2 syns.

Tea later is going to be slimming world spaghetti bolognese. I'll be squishing all the fat off as I have butcher mince rather than supermarket stuff. I have in the onion, chopped tomatoes and fresh garlic- the works. I'll be having it with 50g of wholewheat pasta
Dessert = 1 x Ben and jerry's son of a wich at 4syns. Taking my daily syns to 6. my calories came in at 1199 if i only do half the spud and i hadn't tracked the oil, so lets say just over 1200.

I'm super apprehensive. But my body is acting so weird at present (swapped birth control and just had a 'crash' of my CFS) i have no idea if i'm going to balloon or what.

Definitely interested in finding other petite folks (short arses), or those who are aiming for quite low weights (7/8 stone) as a lot of success stories are often based on average height folks (who can eat more), post baby weight losses or amazing transformations of huge amounts of loss. I can't find much on short folks who in theory shouldn't overdo the calories and need to get lower than 9 stone.