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Activity points? WW

Hi Nina,

Our leader advises to exercise for health and not to use the activity points earned for food, and as i too am at weight watchers and exercise on treadmill most evenings i always felt why slog for an hour just to have another glass of wine etc....the exercise is hard enough so i would advise the same as our leader. I have been at WW over the last 9 weeks and have never used my activity points for food and its made a big diff to my weight loss. Weigh in this ev and to date im down 19lb. Bought my 1st size 8 jeans on sat, always been a 12.....so its working.


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So basically, don't use them at all? And thanks for taking the time to reply! It's nice to have all the facts! That's great progress, well done! :)


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That's a valid point about not excercising much (walking is mine)...I'm afraid I don't go for as many walks as I should and at every WW meeting, I always say, (without fail!) that I need to be more careful and put in the extra effort (even though I could have done fine! Haha) Thanks again hun. Love the ticker, by the way! =D
I do two ten mile bike rides a week and also go to the gym two or three times but I don't use my activity points which are between 60 and 80 but I do use all of my weekly's. I do make sure that I eat before and after exercise even if it's just a banana and drink plenty water.

Good luck x

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I earn between 50 and 60 activity points a week and don't use mine. I don't think I'd feel like I was on a diet if I ate those as well as the dailies and weeklies. Mind you, I only use about half the weeklies too. Part of the reason for not using weeklies is to allow for any mistakes in point calculating. I know I'll still be within my limits if there's spare points on paper but I've forgotten to add a slice of bread.:rolleyes:


Anna here :D xxx
ooooh i've been using my activity points before my weeklies because the activity box is before the weekly box on the green track sheets ... should i be using weeklies 1st? :/ xxx
It is up to individual choice, I use an android App and it gave me the choice when I set up which to use first, I settled on daily's then weekly's. I never use my activities but I earn between 60 and 80 activities a week and struggle to use my 49 weekly's lol.

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I hope that made sense, I've just listened to a hypnosis cd while I'm in bed before I go to sleep so not fully with it lol

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