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activity points ?

i'm sorry i don't understand the question .......

i still can't work out activity pp's so just ignore them. i never use all my weeklies let alone needing more from exercise ... which at the moment is only walking to and from the school twice a day and walking to and from the shop about 3 times a week ! :D
My ww leader says you shouldn't use exercise points to eat more. She says we should exercise to tone up and not exchange them for food. I exercise whenever I can but don't count them, other people may differ.
Thanks guys was just wondering because i was using my activity points before my weeklys on my app thats maybe where i was going wrong and didnt lose. The week i did lose 2lb i wasnt addin my activity points.
I never use my activity points either . Im afraid to if im honest . I jut stick with the dailies and on a sunday use some of my weeklies . :)
How was your weigh in stacey ??
Activity points don't have a direct calorie conversion like points do I'm afraid.

There was a suggestion that about 90 calories was 1 activity point but it's even less reliable than the 40cal-1pp equation. I think thats mainly because different people burn different calories doing the same thing. Someone who's 19 stone won't burn the same calories doing 30 mins of running that someone who's 10 stone will. Its why your activity points are measured in different intensities.

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