Add a meal week!


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On Monday 2nd August it will be my AMW.

I'm just wondering if anyone has some ideas of what I can do with my chicken (don't like fish or quorn or cottage cheese) to make the week inspiring for me as Ive never ever got to AMW ever before on CD as Ive always given up due to sticking to it with no weight loss, this has actually happened to me again this week but instead of giving up, I'm going to ride the storm and hoe for better loss next week.

Any advice would be very welcome:D

Thanks alot
Haven't done one (AAM week) myself as of yet, but am thinking of:

BBQ style chicken - on skewers, and on a george foreman, or under a grill - maybe with mushroom on the skewer too - don't think we can have peppers.

Baked in the oven, wrapped in foil - keeps it moist, and tasty to eat cold too.

Using Chinese lettuce leaves to make a sort of chicken sandwich - they're a bit more sturdy than iceberg.

Think you could probably get away with a little bit of spice, if you just used a tiny bit, and rubbed it into the chicken.

In the salad maybe add some coriander or basil leaves to bring the taste up? Or maybe finely chop some and rub it into the chicken before roasting?

Am planning to splash out on free range corn fed chicken too - not full of water so much, and should taste better. I figure that if its the only food I get after a month, I can afford it!

Can you guess I'm looking forward to add a meal? :rolleyes: