Addiction to chocolate and sweet things


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Ok, so I've signed myself up with The Slimming World and I was doing well but I just can't seem to over come my addiction to chocolate and all sweet things! And this is why I always lose the fight with my weight loss.

Any tips guys? Anything at all? I need to stop this craving! It mkes my life a living hell.
We're thinking about having kids and getting married and all I can think about is my weight!
I need help!
I find it difficult too, I used to have the motivation and could easily stick to a diet plan. I find that now I have children and they seem to want food all the time that it's very difficult for me to diet. I'm trying to not put too much pressure on myself and think of things as trying to get healthy, etc.
Same here, having to try and stay busy when i get home from work or in the evenings whilst dinner is cooking. try and reach for syn free snacks...chicken tikka bits (cold), fruit etc.)