Adding Cinnamon, Nutmeg or Ginger to Foodpacks


Trainee Maintainer
I have read a few postings where people have talked about adding the above flavours to foodpacks, so I e-mailed LL head office to ask whether it would be OK for anyone doing LL to do the same.

They've just replied that using these flavours will take me out of ketosis. Sigh, it's such a shame.
Oh thats a shame, it would have been nice to add those extra spice's...
I think that part of the principle of LL & CD is to limit your food choices so that you can have a break from the constant chatterbox of 'I could have this and this with a bit of this or that'.

The spices you mention are very unlikely to take anyone out of ketosis. I used to do Atkins and the induction period is the strict two week start where a lot is limited. Even then you can have spices which do not contain added sugar ( as a lot of the mixes do).

In fact some cinnamon is meant to help with sugar cravings and dried ginger boost metabolism.

I test with ketostix so I'd know if I went out of ketosis.
Soraya, thanks for your advice ...

I too wondered how harmful to ketosis these spices would be, but I do not want to sabotage my progress so far.

Nonetheless, if I should decide to change my mind, I will take the consequences. I'm only doing LL 'till February, just 10 weeks more.