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Ads that annoy you


Clean green leafy machine
I hate that patronising iPhone ad 'if you haven't got an iPhone well - you haven't got an iPhone'

Maybe I haven't got an iPhone cos I don't want one of the damn things

The other one I hate is the one for Haribo I think. The obnoxious girl who bellows 'look into my eyes' at her dad

Look into your eyes?? I'm going to skelp your backside and send you to your room for a month you brat!!!


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
The birdseye (i think?) advert with that polar bear

if i had a mafia polar bear in MY freezer i'd be sectioned!


and whats with that Walls sausages advert with the miniature dog?


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i love the walls dog lol and the polar bear :) i hate the go compare ones but hey who doesnt x


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the ones that really annoy me are the ones on here with burgers and fries and cupcakes :(
The M&M ad - "I could really do with a snack" - well, get off the couch you lazy mare :D

I HATE that one too! lol. She's like, two foot away from the cupboard! I'd have thrown the giant m&m at her.
I LOVE the creepy polar bear! LOL - But maybe just because I can't quit believe that Willem Dafoe does the voice. :D

I hate the 'Wonga' ads. And the bingo ads. All of them.
Oh c'mon the Go Compare ads have to be the most annoying. My dad was overjoyed when ge got sky+ fitted because he realised he could pause and then zip thro those at 30 times speed LOL


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I hate the go compare ads, but LOVE the meerkat ones. I could watch the lastest one on a loop, lol :D
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Yeah I love the Meerkats! lol. Simples!


On a mission for boobs!
Go compare adverts are the worst adverts EVER! Makes me want to break my tv! lol!

The moneysupermarket ones annoy me too, and the confused.com ones.

Wonga....bunch of muppets!

And the Venus adverts, Those women clearly wax.

And... (god you've got me started) the sanitry towel adverts... blue liquid? Really?


Clean green leafy machine
All excellent suggestions peeps :)

I love the polar bear and meerkats too - a woman down the road has a windowbox with three meerkat statues in amongst the marigolds - and has gold and black letterbox stickers spelling out S-I-M-P-L-E-S :)


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I hate any toilet roll advert that shows a child on the toilet having a number 2..... they wouldn't show an adult on primetime tv having a poo, so why a child? It's just as revolting
omg tristar that made me LOL! i actually love the ad with the mini dog , but i hate the wonga ads-esp that fat man on there with his minging face (sorry i sound like a *****) but it drives me crazy! and adverts about cosmetic surgery- if i could afford surgery do u think i would wait until i saw an advert saying it would make me smile come on? no i would just go to the clinic!! xx

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