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Advice from Curry Lovers Please!


Trying... Really Trying.
Hi Y'all.

Probably in the wrong section but its more advice rather than syn counting

I'm off for a curry with OH tonight, I usually have one meal off plan a week, I have decided to make this one but dont want to cheat too badly.

I usually go for a Korma, I love the creamy sauces more than the tomato based ones, and dont really like alot of heat, although I'm getting a little bored with my Lamb Korma, Pilau Rice, Keema Naan combo.

Are there any other nice curries that you think I should try? I always look at this big menu of specials and think they all look great but then chicken out and always get a korma or a biryani!

Any advice?
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
I tend to go for a jalfreizi, but that's green chilies and onions and is 8.5 syns. Another nice one is a chicken dhansak which is lentil based and more of a rich sweet and sour taste. That's 6.5 sums. Alternatively a rogan is also 6.5 syns but as you aren't too keen on tomato based curry maybe best to avoid.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Just a thought...you could just enjoy your korma anyway and reduce your suns for the rest of the week until weigh in??

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Blooming phone!!! Syns not suns!!!
I like rogan josh - but its tomato based. I don't really know a lot about curry and spiciness!


Trying... Really Trying.
To be honest I'm not too worried about the syns, just looking for a really nice curry. I'm of the belief that if you cheat then really enjoy it, the worst thing is to cheat and feel guilty as it wasnt worth it!
if your not too worried about syns try a pasanda, very creamy like a korma but also has a hint of coconut yummmy :D ooohh all this curry talk is making my mouth water ....


becoming a happier, healthier me
I'm usually a korma girl as i don't really like anything too hot.

My other option is a saag though - couldn't comment on the syn value. Maybe someone could help?

Enjoy your curry!
How about a lamb or chicken biriyani? Comes with a veg curry so you can add as much or as little as you want ( though i usually just tip the whole lot over mine tbh) is not at all spicy (unless you ask for it) has sultanas and sometimes almonds in it, so a nice sweerness to it.,Lovely, and syn wise not to bad either so a bonus.

Or, a Korai - its different whereever you go, but is always creamy (but not due to cocnut milk or yog as i don't lime either in curry.

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