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Advice & Guidance please

Hi everyone, I'm 22 and female. Nickname Gee. :)

Basically I have a long story. As I'm sure most of you do. And I need guidance. I've even been to my Doctor about this but can't seem to get the help I want.

I'm 4ft 8. Ideally I'd like to be 6.7 - 7stone. Now I know there will be some gasps but don't worry...I've been this weight before and I'm not skin and bones. Because I'm so tiny I look and feel great at this weight. Plus I also have a bone disease that means I literally have to stay slim so I'm not in unessesary pain.

In the past, I have fasted. And it worked each time. I was 9 stone done it in 2009 and in a week lost a stone. Done it again a few weeks later and lost another stone after 13 days. The weight stayed off for 6 months. It came back after a stressful month and I fasted again and lost another stone in 10 days. Of course, this was silly. As each time I've eventually put the weight back on, and after trying it recently 3 times in the last 3 months, each time I put on MORE weight and twice as fast as the last time. Basically, I think I have completely messed up my proportions and I have learned my lesson well and truly.

I believe I have mostly burned muscle, and now have a very low metabolism. For example, I now eat perfect normally. I drink water and dont eat big portions, sweets or takeaways anymore, but I'm still steadily putting on weight every week. I believe I have more fat than muscle and would like some help in picking a good diet that not only helps build muscles, but doesn't cause my body to go into starvation mode anymore. I want to be healthy, I want to have children and I want to have ENERGY. I've been tired for months now and nap 3 times a day.

I find exercise hard with my bone condition. Its painful, and every time I hurt its my hip warning me to slow down. So I panic and don't push myself after that.

I recently tried slimfast but realised I might aswell be eating a nice small meal instead of drinking a 230 calorie shake!! I also tried an NHS diet but the problem was, I hate most of the foods you need.

My problem is, I don't really like fruit. At all. I tried Mango and it was lovely, but only the very core of it. That was after buying about 10 different fruits from Morrisons, I only found out I like Mango! How upsetting. I also dont like things like wholewheat toast, or tomatoes.

Can anyone recommend how much I eat? Little and often? What helps build muscles that doesn't require an hour of exercising a day? My Doctor just said to go to Weight Watchers!

Ideally, I'd like to loose this as fast as possible. And then stick to smart eating from now on. I just want my muscle mass and what was once my wonderful metabolism. Before I let myself go in my late teens, I was one of those people who could eat and eat and not put on a pound.
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This is for life
Have you considered a low carb diet? Most important thing is that you eat so body knows food is available so avoid starvation mode. Focus is on fat, protein and veg - no need to push fruit. If you think it might be interesting then the atkins board is lively and has good stickies

Good luck

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