Advice needed re packs


MM addict
Hi everyone,
I've made sum crisps today using the chicken and mushroom sachet they were fantastic really delicious. I've also made a muffin with a vanilla sachet. This also was lovely, it tasted like a suet pudding.
Im loving these recipes that have been posted im just worried it will effect weight loss.
Im kinda loving the idea of making something everyday.
Im just worried cos i had 2 of these today. Is that wrong. How many sachets can you use a day on making something. And how many should you have as liquid.
Please can someone help me
Hiya Laurie :D

CD recommend only "cooking" one pack a day as it can deplete the nutrient value of the packs. It won't affect weight loss but really you need all the vitamins.

I also love the crisps, lovely to crunch on something isn't it!!

Sarah x
Thank you,
Aww i've been a naughty girl then today.
I will just be making 1 a day then from now on.
The crisps tasted like stuffing to me.
Really lovely and crunchy.
Umm the vanilla muffin was nice too, still got the taste in my mouth now.
Thanks Sarah
Hi Laura...
Must admit... love the crisps too...
I read on here somewhere that if you do one or two big ones they're like popadoms.... mmmmmmm!!!

Just right for a lovely chicken tikka masala......
aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh......must..... not..... reach.... for..... indian takeaway.... phone number........ hehehehehe!!!!
Brad- thanks for that info....i used greece proof paper and they kinda stuck to it. It was difficuly pealing them off. I think i probably ate sum of the paper in the end!!!
This is the stuff - this time on e-bay. I got mine from either Sainsbury's or Lakeland - I can't remember which now. It was about £4ish - but worth it Cooking Liner-Non Stick Fat Free Re-usable Baking/Sheet (item 150043180580 end time 08-Oct-06 19:18:13 BST)
ooohh i know the stuff, i have that in the bottom of my ovens and grill, so much easier than scrubbing lol, and they are in home and bargain for £2 something, i didnt realise you could use them for microwaves how cool