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Advice needed!


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In September, I am going away for work for a few days. This would be all fine and dandy in usual circumstances, but I know (as I am going with only one other person) that this will involve eating out in restaurants etc. This would not usually bother me at all, but as I am only going with one person I am not too sure what to do as it would be weird sitting in a restaurant and watching a person eat. I had kinda made a decision to re-feed the week before and eat (very sensibly) whilst I am there and restart on the Wednesday when I would be returning. (As it goes I would only have to eat on Monday night, Tuesday lunch and dinner time- I think I could get away with the breakfast bit as I will be working 9-5pm!)

Has anyone else had a problem like this? How easy is it to restart? Should I treat LT like Slimfast (as such) whilst I'm there? Or should I just carry on and explain what I am up to? I am in such a pickle!
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I can imagine how hard it will be. But why not just bite the bullet and say hey im on a strict diet, do ya mind if i dont eat. Especially after the fabulous amount you have lost already, why endanger all that hard work. Put yourself first. Afterall its only for a short while.
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If you don't want to tell them about LT could you not develop a tummy bug? Or have a whinge about how typical your doc puts you on a fasting diet for 24 hours before a blood test? It would be a real shame to undo all your hard work for 2 days.

Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be the best decision for you.

if you have to i would eat a meal in the evening(low carb) and drink your shake for brekkie and lunch tell em your on slimfast but personally i would say im on a diet that involves shakes and i will be drinking them, if you have lost a fair bit of weight recently and they are around they will have figured out your on some kind of diet anyway

Also last week my friend called me when i was just about to sit down to a big lunch with a client of Mr G's i excused myself when i came back i said she was distraught her hubby had just left her (thats why i had dissapeared for the whole half hour they were eating!)


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i would come clean, i went away for a week and was a bit worried about sitting in restaurants not eating but i can honestly say it was ok and im so glad i stuck to the diet instead of eating, good luck with whatever you decide x


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I went our for lunch with my family on Sunday for the first time and i really enjoyed sitting there with a smug grin on my face sipping my fizzy water whilst they were stuffing their faces. If it was me, i would be completely honest with your collegue, you have done so well up to now it would be a shame to damage all the hard work you have put in so far. Good luck with whatever you decide to do x

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