Advice on how to lose a bit more a week


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Hi lovelies

My average loss is 1.25lb per week, total of 34lbs lost.

Am going away for a few days at the end of Feb and would love to have lost my 8lbs needed for my 3 stone lose.

As a bit of a challenge I wondered how I could lose a bit more than 1.25lb a week in the next month.

Any ideas??

I do have my syns daily but should I stop having them?

Thanks for your help and have a lovely day

xx :girlpower::girlpower:
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Someone else in another thread mentioned Success Express as a way of boosting weight loss. A bit fuzzy on details as I'd not heard of it, but was thinking of giving it a go next week. I think it works like this:

Follow same rules as EE, except:
- Fill 2/3 of plate with superfree food at each meal
- Only snack on superfree food between meals
- Have 2 HEBs and 1-2 HEAs a day
- You can still have 5-15 daily syns, but if something has more syns on a red than a green day (or vice versa), count the highest value

That's my understanding anyway. Maybe try it for a week and see if it gives your weight loss a boost. You could also try focusing more on speed and superspeed foods in your diet.

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Try the following:

1) Eat speed & superspeed fruit & veg
2) Drink lots of water
3) Try eating fish a couple of days
4) Make sure you weigh/measure everything that you should
5) Have syns but maybe only 10 for a week

Hope that helps BBxx


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I changed my plan slightly last week and lost 3lbs as like you I normally lose between 0.5lbs to 1lbs a week.
Mix around the plans and do different days.
I had at least 2 pieces of scan bran everyday, broken up into a syn free yogurt.
I had different healthy extras every day and a good mix of different meals with lots of different meat/fish & vegetables.
Stuck with fruits which are superspeed.
I had speed soup for a few lunches and I stick to 10 syns a day.
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You could also try swapping plans, if you usually do extra easy, why not try red or green for a few days. ~This speeded up my loss.


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Cut down on your carbs!

you dont have to cut it much, have 25g less pasta, a couple of less roasties, a few less chips etc etc etc

It will make a difference over the weeks, and change to brown pasta! It doesnt taste horrible, but it will help reduce bloating. Swap a few normal potatoes for sweet potatoes (i love to mash them, roast them).

I did it as an experiment last year and lost 4Ib's.

I did it because I have hypothyroidism and I wondered if my body just can no longer take so much carbs, so did a bit of research about what to eat and voila. Brown pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoe replacement for normal potatoes at least twice in the week, against having white potatoes, only once a week. I put it in my food diary. I had 75g pasta instead of 100g and 50g rice instead of 75g. I didnt have bread every day, maybe a couple of times a week.


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If you eat the same meals every week then totally change them, same for your HEX's,, I find that melon does the trick with me.


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Do you exercise? Upping the amount of cardio for a few weeks might speed up the weight loss x


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I do Zumba classes twice a week!! I also rarely go over 10 syns a day!! If I need a big push I look at super speed fruit!! Last week I'd had a night out with food & alcohol on the Friday (flexible syns evening) so pulled it back in during the rest of the week e.g. Was gonna have my curly wurly treat (6 1/2 syns) but realised I'd not had my HE B for that day so didn't have the choc and just had a lemon hi fi bar instead!!!
Hope that helps ?


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I would definitely do more body magic. My weight losses have sped up since I've been exercising more. The key is to find an exercise you enjoy - and get stuck in!