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Advice please... motivation

Day 1..... and i cant even do that!!!

i done LT a wile back and lost 2 stone (and mite i add, i kept it off) ive another 2 stone i need to loose therefore started LT again a couple of weeks ago and have failed miserably!!!!

My weight is depressing me to no end and i know i want to loose the weight but what is wrong with me that i cant control myself round food!!!

Is anyone else been through this?? any suggestions
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I'm like this, i've lost 4st so far on LT (2years ago) put the rest back on :/ but kept 4 off,

I tried day 1 all last week and couldn't do it till i sat down and got my head in the right place,
when i lose it i plan on going to hypnosis to sort the rest out :D
fingers crossed!
Good luck just get in the right frame of mind
Its just so hard isnt it! Everyone on this forum has issued with food, thats why we are all on LT in the first place!!

You have to be mentally ready to do LT... it is mega hard, but you have done it before and you can do it again, if you want it enough!

Im in week 4 now and for me, it gets harder and harder as the day goes on, i seem to be fine until approx 5pm, then it just gets so hard, but each night i get through, i wake the next morning feeling so positive and proud of myself for getting through the previous evening!

You have to remember the reasons why you started a diet as extreme as LT in the first place. There is no point in cheating on it and eating anything, because it just makes it so much harder if you do.

Just try to stay positive, i have stuck pictures of celebs with bodies like race cars all over my PC at work and that helps me ... do owt that helps!!!

Good luck and stick with it.

Your not on your own with any of the feelings you are having, there will always be someone on this forum who shares the same feelings, so the best thing to do is post...! It really helps me and i'm sure it will help you!! x
Yeah MummyT - the last time I did it, I sat and cried myself to sleep some evenings. It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do.

All I can say is, take ALL of your shakes throughout the day. Try and drink at least 2 litres of water, and don't forget tea and coffee if you like it. The reasoning is that you won't feel as hungry and lethargic if you do it by the book.

If you do it properly, you WILL see results. Just look at what some of the folk on this site have lost.

You can do it...!
its so hard, i try and try then i see a bar of choclate and think mmmm just a little, ah hour later im beating myself up over eating 3 whole bars!!!!

I WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING i just need to get myself in the right place!!!
Once your heads in the right place you can do it. Try some visualisation, paul mckenna actually promotes a clever trick of negative association. Basically picture something absolutely disgusting and keep it with a trigger, eg rubbing your leg. Then whenever you think of chocolate start rubbing your leg. Its a little bit more complex than this but is a handy tool to have in your arsenal when the will runs weak.

Apart from this just keep yourself away from food. Think of the positives, keep inspiration close at hand. When ever you go to eat, think about the consequences. Dont think "one little bite" think "this will get rid of days work of getting into ketosis". Think about the new you and what you'll eat, and try and keep positive feelings for LT and negative feelings for bad foods.

Just some thoughts but in the end you have to be determined and know when to say no :) Keep at it and you'll manage it!
its so hard, i try and try then i see a bar of choclate and think mmmm just a little, ah hour later im beating myself up over eating 3 whole bars!!!!

I WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING i just need to get myself in the right place!!!
Everyone here understands that.

You know what I did today :eek: I replaced my kids' 6 Easter eggs that I ate over the last few weeks before finally starting this properly. We all have issues with food like MissFlowers said above.

Have a think about it - even get a motivational kind of book to read whilst you get into it (like Mandela, Lance Armstrong, or anything about Everton (joke)) and it may get you in that determined frame of mind.

You'll get there...
hey hun weve all been there..my bad time is also anytime after 6pm i can be fine all day till then...now instead of having a shower and washing hair in the morning i do it in the evenings then a quick shower in the morning for the fresh feeling. and i get into bed before ten and if im not tired il watch a movie.. brush my teeth also helps..... anything at all that can distract you lol! good luck x
anything about Everton would be an ideal book to read about loss lol. I know it may seem odd but Paul Mckenna's book "I Can Make You Thin" was an interesting read, with some reasonable thought processes about why we eat and how to help control it!

Finding something else to occupy your time is an excellent bit of advice though, it certainly works for me!! :D
Yeah stock up on books and boxsets!
thanks folks your all such great inspiration.....

i know i can do this with all this support and advice...

hope yous are all well

Haha - I dont follow football, but that was too good of an oppotunity to miss! lol

I've got blackadder on tv now. Only at university 2 days a week so have to find other ways to try and pass the time!

Have you tried joining a gym? Might give you some extra motivation. I find if i focus on being fit I cope better. I have issues of mens health, mens fitness, muscle and fitness, and other nutrition books all over the place now! haha


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i became addicted to watching One Tree Hill last time i did this - seeing their skinny butts motivated me loads cause the clothes were fab etc...just started tis today and am on the Glee buzz at the moment - i keep looking at their collarbones and flat tummies and i want them too!!!!! we can so get them - we just have to give up food for a while! its all good!
i have 2 young children, the oldest is at nursery school a couple hrs a day and the other is at home with me all day. my husband comes home 3 times a day to get fed (10am porridge, 2pm dinner and 6pm snack) i have a beauty salon at back of my house where i work in evening p/t with a gym in which other people pay me to use and get this I BARLY USE IT!!! cant take my kids out to it as they end up hurting themselves. i do walk in morn and night, i just need to coltrol my food cravings therefore i do believe LT is the best diet.

ok folks lets do this together..... i know we can do it


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Cheking into the site has been integral for me....also I think about what I might eat and how long it will take me to eat it and then ask myself if I will let that 10 minutes (or whatever length of time to eat it) rule me.
It has a way of putting it into perspective
I go on all the really posh (expensive) clothes websites and look at all the clothes that i could wear, and look good in, if I was slim.

I also do the mental exercises in Paul MacKennas book. They really do help boost my confidence.
Sanghi I do that too!!

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