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Advice Please


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I have done cd before and lost couple of stones before wedding. I am currently ttc and have lost couple of stone through calorie counting and excercise. I have been stuck at same weight for weeks and need to lose around 9lbs in just over 3 weeks. Concerned about cambridge in case it stops me ovulating but really need to get my weight down so I can be refered for treatment. Does anyone see any problem with me doing cd for 4 - 6 weeks for a quick boost and then reverting back to calorie counting and excersise after that.
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I don't know anything about the ovulating aspect, the diet is only suitable if you have a certain amount to lose, you have to have a certain BMI to be let on. Also you may find going to calorie counting afterwards you still put on weight as your glycogen store builds up.

Sorry I am not particularly knowledgeable. All the best


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thanks for reply. My bmi is high. Sitting around 36. I know that I will gain some weight when come off diet. Just a bit concerned about doing it too long in case mucks me up from ovulating. Thinking maybe could move up stages after the 6 weeks and then move to calorie counting to lose the rest

My advice would be to do ss for two weeks, one week of ss+, one week of 810 and then decide on the higher-cal maintenance ones for the last two weeks. But best to talk to a proper CDC!




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have a read of the pregnancy without pounds section, several girls got pregnant on cambridge ;)


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thanks for advice, had a look at pregnancy forum and some of success stories and have decieded to give it a go. Off to email cdc to get started as soon as can


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dont know all the technical stuff, but i really believe that CD makes you doubly fertile. i did it in 08 and fell pregnant without even trying! am back on cd now to lose the rest of my weight. bizzarely CD always makes me feel in optimum health and pls dont be surprised at all if you fall pregnant when on it. i dont think i am the only one who got preggers either, loads of ladies have lovely lickle babies to tell you about. as for the losing weight part, hell yes! do it and then rever to calorie counting. i plan to CC when i get to goal. whatever you do good luck girl, and well done for the losses so far through healthy eating!


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I think it's the being in ketosis bit that seems to do wonders for some women's fertility. There's a particular type of polycystic ovarian syndrome which is linked to insulin resistance.

I've never officially been diagnosed with PCOS but I can tell you that when I first did Atkins, my previously wayward periods (and I mean wayward - I never knew where I was, grrr) became regular as clockwork, twenty-eight day cycles. They've been regular ever since, on and off Cambridge.

Many of the regular posters in Pregnancy without the Pounds forum are ex-CDers who found themselves unexpectedly pregnant... :)


Good luck with the diet, wedding and trying for a baby. It's true, quite alot of ladies have fallen pregnant whilst on CD.

Also a factor might be that the body will be getting all the minerals and vitamins needed. When we're eating junk, we probably aren't. So that might help if your body is healthier :).


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Hi Cinders,

Just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best on your journey. I'm doing CD for the same reason as you, to try and get fertile! Well, actually I am fertile, I do ovulate but it doesn't stick, so I need to get my weight down for more fertility help, they want my BMI at 35 before they'll assist with preogestorone supps, and it's getting there! I have PCOS and insulin resistance, and the symptoms are made worse by carrying extra weight. When I was 5 stone lighter I got pregnant with my son easy, this time not so, but we'll get there! Best of luck and let us know how you're getting on!

Lisa Marie

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Good luck hun, I fell pregnant whilst on CD ss it was a bit of a shock as weren't planning on having anymore, but wouldn't be without my little darling now!