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Advice please


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the million dollar question - with as many answers as there are people. Some people chuck out their scales and only weigh at their weigh ins - others - like me - weigh every day - well i weigh twice - when i get up and when I go to bed - but thats me - I don't let what the scales say get to me, it doesn't affect how I feel/react to the diet and i don't use what they say as an excuse to eat. My problem is that if I don't weigh myself every day I imagine I have lost masses (say a lb every day) and then when I weigh a few days later I am nearly always disappointing - but that is just me - a lot of people find it depressing to weigh everyday - you will find loads of threads on here from daily weighers who have stuck for a few days and feel its not worth continuing or worry that they aren't going to lose and that just makes things a lot harder for them

Either way hope you find whats right for you - good luck ;-)
like setas says its totally individual , I think some people are best NOT to weigh , some people get upset if they havent lost for a few days and this can lead to cheating ...... I personally weigh twice a day ( morning and night ) as whatever the result it helps me , if its good then obviously it makes me feel good and spurs me on , if its bad then it makes me try harder ..... but you must decide if you think you would react positively or not !
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I'm a twice a day weigher, I find it helps me stay focused whether it's a loss or gain x


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Bethuk1 said:
I'm a twice a day weigher, I find it helps me stay focused whether it's a loss or gain x
Me too.

I've also recorded my morning losses on the WI subforum. Have a look at the ups, the downs and the sts for my last 8weeks.

It's important you only weigh every day if you can stay focussed on the diet whatever the scales say.
Thanks guys, decided to get some scales as you all seem to do ok when you weigh everyday. The way I look at it is ive never had my own scales and I haven't been able to stick to a diet ever so getting scales might change that for the positive. Here's hoping!!! x


please try again
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i used to be a daily weigher, i had to get rid of the scales when it got to the stage that i was weighing every time i went to the bathroom. and it wasnt just a quick hop on them, no i got completly naked everytime!
right now thou im thinking of getting a set to keep me focused so i can weigh in of a morning just to see progress.
my last house had a huge bathroom so there was space to have it out all the time.
the house im in now is tiny so they would have to live under my bed and be taken to the weighing spot once a day
Lol I know the feeling, I've even been known to take my earrings out before weighing myself - how sad!! What I've done now - please don't laugh - is made a chart with daily date, like Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th etc with a space beside it to record my morning weight - completely naked, hair dry not wet, lol so I know exactly what I weigh and I've even got scales that show 1/4 pounds etc. I'm hoping it's gonna keep me motivated. Good luck x


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
i figure when i get to goal im going to have to keep an eye on my own weight just to see how maintaining is going and i need to be detacted from that number, to view it for what it is insted of being ruled by my emotions
Thanks determinator, will keep that in mind. Bit disappointed as I've just had a chicken dinner - skinless chicken boiled pots and veg - felt like I needed something to eat as not been well with cold and cough for last five days - gutted cos been 100pc since Monday x


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Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Hope you feel lots better tomorrow.

Now... Scales. I've done all sorts with this one. I even went through a stage of getting my CWPC to weigh me and not tell me what they said, LOL. :D

It all depends on how you view what they say.

Have a look at this thread here (an oldie but goodie!) for some thoughts: http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/61295-measuring-success-scales.html


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im a serial weigher too, even if it moves 0.1lb im happy its going in the right direction, if it moves up (which it hasnt yet) i know its not the end of the world, unless it goes up alot lol

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