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  1. Jersey Joe

    Jersey Joe Full Member

    I'm on day 5 and in Ketosis and I ate 2 small scrambled eggs about ten mins ago. I'm just soooo tired & need some energy. Will it affect things & have I blown it? X

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  3. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Hopefully not. Srambled egg without milk or butter( I no some people use butter for scrambled eggs) is protein, u should b ok.
  4. Elaine-Melanie

    Elaine-Melanie Full Member

    Sorry but you have gone off the programme of 100%, avoid the slippery slope you don't know where it will lead you to. Sorry to be so negative. Just try to think of how you can cope in future to cope with these feelings so that you are prepared.
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  5. brochmor

    brochmor food is not my friend!

    I agree with the last few posts, if it was just egg it shouldnt take you out of ketosis but I really wouldn't recommend going off the diet as it is designed to distance yourself from food over a long term period so that you can manage your eating habits once you come off it, eating protein in addition to the shakes means that you miss out on this great opportunity! Plus if you do eat something that does take you out of ketosis your hunger drive will kick in and you may find it very difficult not to carry on eating, so try and think why you went off, did you go too long without a shake, are you filling up on enough water etc.... so that you can solve it and carry on losing that weight =D xxx
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  6. tweeza

    tweeza Full Member

    im not going to tell you that you went off plan nor tell you how to avoid it as im sure everone will slip JJ you will not be the first and not the last :rolleyes: i believe sometimes ur body can be telling you something, just forget about it as dwelling on it will just leave you feeling like you failed and its about moving forward and believing your can do this. So what you paused on ur path but its only a step just keep on going and its the end result that matters not the steps u take to get there.
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  7. TracyAnne

    TracyAnne Full Member

    Agree totally.
    You had a pause on your journey but best thing to do is pick up the pace and continue on your way.
    best of luck and stay strong
    x x x
  8. JujuBerrrry

    JujuBerrrry Silver Member

    This shouldn't change anything to your weight loss as long as you carry on having the shakes. If you feel the diet isn't for you maybe you could just follow the re-feed plan. But you must do a re-feed if you're planning on coming off TFR because this way you won't gain any weight you've lost the past five days.

    If you're finding that you don't have much energy. How about splitting up your shakes. So have small shakes throughout the day to keep you going and the extra water won't do any harm as long as it is kept under 3.5L.

    Good luck and I hope you're feeling better :) x
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  9. Man united49

    Man united49 New Member

    Hi jersey when I have just started the diet and like yourself I have cravings but what keeps me going is the end result it is really hard so try and do something to take my mind of it. My brother lost 5 stone in 69 days. One day he put pepper in is soup mix and this took him out of ketosis and that week he lost no weight and when the pharmacy checked is urine it showed he was out of ketosis. He had checked the forums and people said it was ok. So I do think it will effect things. Maybe before you eat anything if you are craving come on to the forum and talk to people who will support you and might give you a boost. It is really hard but good luck.

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  10. Man united49

    Man united49 New Member

    Hi that's a really good idea I am going to try that



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