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Pregnancy Advice please!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Pregnancy & Breastfeeding' started by SJH1985, 17 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Full Member

    Hi everyone, I'm nearly 15 weeks pregnant and I'm having a tough time with my weight, I know I'm going to put on weight but for as long as I can remember I've always been trying to lose weight or maintain my weight after being on either WW or SW so I feel quite lost at the mo :-(

    I found out I was pregnant whilst on honeymoon in January and I'd probably put about a stone on with the wedding, Xmas and honeymoon and then since finding out I'm pregnant my eating habits are all over the place and I'm terrified of piling weight on and having loads to lose after the baby arrives.

    I think I'm struggling as I'm so used to following some kind of plan, I can't do WW but I've heard you can do SW? I don't want to lose loads of weight but I want to be careful about my weight and only gain what I need to, basically I don't want to 'eat for two!'

    My BMI is 25.3 at present which is overweight and I know this is not due to being pregnant but me snacking terribly on the wrong things, would I be able to join SW and does anyone know if it works for pregnant women?

    Any advice would be massively appreciated :)


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  3. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Hi Sam I would follow sw from home but add more healthy extras,you could join a group with a doctors note.I lost 3.5 stone with rosemary conley then got pregnant which wasn't planned & put on 5 stone!! Trying to undo the damage now my son is already 9 months.I really wish I followed a plan whilst pregnant as wouldn't have so much to lose now.Unfortunately your appetite can increase a lot when pregnant so you could follow sw but not be too strict & you could possibly stay the same as what you are or only have a small gain throughout.Wishing you all the best :) x
  4. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Full Member

    Thanks for your reply, I don't think my BMI is high enough for my GP or midwife to consent or provide me with a doctors note to participate at a group as I've read somewhere your BMI has to be 30 plus.

    Kinda think this is unfair as I'm still miserable about my weight and it's making me unhappy, going to a group and getting weighed is a big thing for me as there's no escaping what it says on the scales but guess I'll just have to weigh at home and not kid myself! Thanks again, think I'm gonna try SW from home and muddle through as best I can :)
    Sam Xxx
  5. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    ah that's a shame about the group especially if you are unhappy about your weight,maybe you could follow the plan during the week & have weekends off,you might not lose but you could maintain, goodluck :) x
  6. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Full Member

    Thanks hun I appreciate it, I'm gonna ring one of the group leaders near me and have a chat to see what they say, if they tell me I can't attend a group then I'll just do it from home like you suggested but not be mega strict, like I said I don't wanna lose tons of weight but I wanna maintain a healthy weight and feel comfortable throughout my pregnancy :) wish me luck! Xxx
  7. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    with my daughter I lost weight,with both my boys I just couldn't stop eating & ballooned, very strange, do you know what you are having? you might be one of the lucky ones that doesn't put on any weight anywhere else & just has a very neat bump :) x
  8. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Full Member

    No we've decided not to find out, so tempted though!!! My bump is just starting to show but I'd already put on weight prior to finding out I was pregnant so I've probably got about 21lbs to lose without putting on baby weight too!!! Trying to eat healthily and I'm still exercising but just don't feel very good about myself but putting weight on is inevitable so just trying to focus on having a healthy pregnancy and hopefully it will be all bump! Xx
  9. Jess<3

    Jess<3 Journey to 10 stone loss

    Hi"! Yes SW is perfectly fine. Ive noticed a trend with ladies with sw too,,,, If your new/join when finding out your pregnant or just as falling pregnant ive seen alot of woman lose weight through their pregnancy. Whereas alot of longterm members gain. My self have been doing SW for a month over 2 an a half years now and currently 30+2 today. Ive gained... Alot.. But again if you look at the diaries of the ladies whom have had their gorgeous babies they have at least lost 1st+ just from giving birth!!

    Good luck, hope you have a good pregnancy! xx

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