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Advice - Sore Back

Looking for some advice please.

When I am fully SS I find that my back in the kidney areas gets pretty sore, particluarly down the left hand side. I am drinking enough water as I always drink a minimum of 4 litres.

Does anyone else get this and is it a known side-effect. Also, what are people's thoughts on the varying support among medical professionals for VLCD. I found this link about it and would appreciate thoughts - <P>Is there any evidence that very low calorie/energy diets could be harmful? Which groups of patients should not go on these diets? How do these diets compare in effectiveness with slimming groups or medication?</P> : NLH Question Answering Service
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I have heard all that before hun, maybe you're prone to kidney stones??? A few people have had gall stones i think??? Maybe get the doc's to check that out for you?
I guess I am concerned as in 32 years never had problems with gall stones or kidney stones so no not something I am prone to but is it something that this diet causes?
Yes apparently so.... not sure how common it is (less common than hair loss, feeling cold etc), but it does happen in some. In fact westiegirl was saying on her thread a little while ago she has gallstones.
I am not an expert by any means but I understand that being overweight also places us at high risk of gallstones so there is an argument that says d*mned if you do, d*amned if you don't.

Any rapid weight loss can cause gallstones, due to the huge increase of excess cholesterol release into your system. Mine were caused by CD, but at least I'm not fat anymore and I can have my gall bladder removed. As long as i stick to low fat it doesn't cause me too much of a problem.

As for the back pain, I also get this. Mainly when I have drunk alot of water in a short space of time. I think my kidneys get over loaded. I find I get it if I drink more than 3 litres a day too. Mine is relieved by eating a small amount of my 790 allowance or having my shake.

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