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I love a man who'll dance, I think they look great when they're dancing --- LOL but my hubby don't like dancing :)
LOL yep Dave, no dancing for you then seeing as we're such good alcohol free zones ..... but one day in the not too distant ... :D
Where I lived in Calfiornia, during the summer there were free concerts every sunday evening in the local park. We always went and had a picnic on the warm summer evenings....it was great. But I used to sit on the blanket alone, or with my horrible partner at the time, and I would just well up with tears watching people dance - I was so so envious. I thought, "now they are enjoying life". Even if my partner would have danced, I wouldn;t have as I felt I would disgust everyone watching.

I was such a VIctim!!! LOL

But mark my words - I am going to dance again...even if my husband won't, I will!!! One day. One day THIS year!!!! :D
BL I'm sure you'll dance - dance freely and happily xx
lol - I know I will, but thinking about it - I am going to be one of those people we laughed at when we were kids.....I have not danced since 1985!!!!! At my first wedding!!! I am going to look like an old fogey dance to oldies!!!

Must ge some new moves! :D
I was actually thinking about salsa dancing. as an excercise thing. could be a good idea BL!
go with a girlfriend and it will be a giggle and give u those new moves!!
:rotflmao::rotflmao:Me!!! :rotflmao::rotflmao:Salsa Dance??!! :rotflmao:

:silly::silly:heheheh - lol - hahahaha :silly::silly:

:giggle::giggle:I have the grace of a Rhino!!! :giggle::giggle:

hahhaha Just kiddin ya Kellie!! Thats a really sweet idea, but honestly I am so clumsy!! LOL Makes me laugh just thinking about it!

Maybe line dancing though? :)
Hi BL, I'd go salsa dancing with you, we could have 4 left feet together!!!

BUT, if it's line dancing, you're on your own I'm afraid! But my best mate goes line dancing about 5 times a week, I could put you in touch with her?! She's always at me to go, but it's not my thang I'm afraid! Went on holiday with 10 other people last year on a cruise and they were all line dancers, they entered the talent competition, I sat firmly on my bum with all the cameras! Problem was, they all kep turning around, so all I got wasbum shots - literally!!!

They are called Route 66, they've got a website somewhere! Mike and Margaret run in, and Kim and Rob are my pals!! Rob does the website!
go for it BL- will bring you back to your roots!!
I dare ya!

hehe x
LOL - Well, Might take you up on that in a few stone. After having had both knees recently operated on, and them really being in a bad way, I think I would probably hurt myself if I am honest. My centre of gravity would probably cause all sorts of problems!! (leading with my belly rather then my feet! LOL) But maybe down the road! :)

Durr, just realised on the postings that you can press a wee arrow and it takes you to the last posting - just spent 9 months going into each one on page one and scrolling through! eejit!!

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