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Alcohol free drinks

My diet nemisis is alcohol, particulaly red wine. I've decided that my easiest route to slimsville is by cutting it right down and maybe cutting it out completely for the first couple of weeks. I have a few social things coming up and while I'm happy to drive, I don't know what to drink! I don't drink coke because I dont do caffeine, soda water is ok but a bit dull and many other drinks are too sugary! Any ideas or suggestions most welcome!
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Are the social things in other people's houses or out and about? I know my other half drinks a fair bit (I would call it a bit of a drink problem, she wouldn't) but has managed to really get into the non-alcoholic drinks. If you're socialising in people's houses you could take some round. She likes the non-alcoholic cider which you get at most supermarkets, and also the non-alcoholic lager (which at the moment is on offer at about 6 for just over a £1 in Tesco). If you're going out to socialise, orange squash with soda water may be ok and not too sugary? I have diet irn bru if I can find it, but that's not so easy now I'm in England. I don't think that's caffeinated.
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go for a double low cal tonic water with ice and lemon, not sweet and guilt free x x


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j2o's are nice, becuase they are in a glass bottle they are easily mistaken for alcohol anyway, so you wont have the "why are you not drinking" from people :)
Thank you for the suggestions :)

Aunty Pasty you have just reminded me of something I used to have - diet tonic with a few drops of Angostora Bitters - very nice! Had completely forgotten about it til now so thank you!

I do like J2O but they have more sugar in them and more calories than most alcoholic options so I tend to avoid them but maybe a J2O and soda or tonic cocktail could be nice.....

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go for a double low cal tonic water with ice and lemon, not sweet and guilt free x x
That's what I do too. Low cal tonic and imaginary gin!
I did read somewhere or other, probably in one of my millions of diet books....that if you wipe the rim of the glass with gin, you can hardly taste the difference between just tonic and a proper G&T! Worth a try.....


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J2Os are sooooo high in sugar, they're really bad for you! If I want to not be obvious about not drinking I'll have soda and lime or diet lemonade and lime, could easily look like you've got a spirit in there and I really like it! I work in a pub at the moment and we have low calorie and alcohol free beer, might be worth checking out them if you like beer?


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I'm not a beer or cider drinker so have never tried the low alcohol versions. Maybe to me they would taste better than the real thing!
I don't mind anyone knowing that it's not alcohol in my glass, I'm driving so that's all the excuse I need. I just want to drink something that I might like and that isn't full of sugar.
I'd actually quite like a nice pot of tea to be honest!!


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S: 237lb C: 224.5lb G: 198lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 12.5lb(5.27%)
Bars that do food (e.g. Wetherspoons, Table Table) often do teas and coffees till quite late at night. The latest I order is about 11pm, as this is the time they seem to clean the machines.


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