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all help appreciated

Im demented as I have no money at all to pay for any LT this week.. and my family r kinda in a money crisis at the minute. My mum paid it for me last week and i know she doesnt have the money to do that again this week. My bf is paying my course fees for me too.. so i cant ask for any money from any1 and dont really want to either... my question is.. should i follow the refeed week plan in the refeed section.. then continue LT next week wen i get some money up.. or does it not work like that.
thanx so much for any help!
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go and get weighed as normal, then tell your pharmacy which shakes you want, then go in your bag and go :eek: i've forgot my purse. Then say can i take the shakes and pay double next week?? then you have to fall to your knees and beg?
omg i couldnt possibly lol im shy enough as it is.. she usually gets 2 words out of me lol
and she'd probably say.. you only live up the road.. i'll mind them here until u get back lol
then you can say 'oh my boyfriend has the bank card - can i get him to pop in later with the money?' and then don't go back till the week after and say 'i'm really sorry i haven't been in' LOL
lol unfortunuately im not brave enough for that! wish i was thou lol... u must get away with murder! :p
Iw ish I had a suggestion honey!

if she knows where you live, and knows you well enough, could you try being honest??

Is it likely that you will have issues with money in the future while on Lt??
probably.. i was a struggling student who hasnt been given any student funding! so now ive had to resort to a night course and a full time job.. which i have an interview for during the week... so hopefully if i get that then i'll be fine.
In the mean time what about a wee part time job just to pay for the LT?? In the corner shop or something?
i have a pt job that pays about 56 pound a week but it came out in bills so thats y im left with nuthin this week :(
Oh honey I dont know what to say to help you!
lol i know me either thats y im demented! thanx for ur help thou xxx
I have just posted a thread about wether you could do say slim fast and have one meal a day with no carbs and wether this would let you stay in ketosis, it may be worth you looking out for any responses. I too am finding it tight to find the lipotrim money.
thanx !
Do you know what drives me nuts???? How many people start LT and don't stick to it and give up? Of those people most of them would have LT sachets sitting at home about to go in the bin! If only there was some way to get your message into your locality.....

We have a village newsletter (only 4 pages a week). But you can put an add in it for 50cent. Anything like that in your area? Where you could stick an add saying "have you any LT sachets that you would rather see go to a good cause rather than the bin? Willing to collect."

Desparate times cause for drsparate measures!
lol! i'll just have to do the refeedy thingy
personally if i were you and you could afford it next week, id buy one lipotrim for everyday and have one slimfast everyday and have a no carb tea

Only if its for the week

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