All the 'extras'


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Hello...can someone please tell me the extra things your allowed while SSing?

I know you can have black tea and coffee etc, but is there anything else others add to shakes and soups that are allowed...

I take a chocolate tetra and put it in a glass. Top up with water so it's double the amount and stir in a teaspoon of coffee powder. It tastes like a mochachino, well the closest you can get on SS
I think peppermint tea and green tea is allowed, please check tho as Im not a cdc (yet!!)

You can add pepper and tabasco and things like that to spice your soup up, no salt on CD though at all.

And also tablet sweetners are allowed too.

Some use a teaspoon of Vanilla Shake as a type of coffee mate, I havent tried it as I dont do coffee!!!

Hope this helps x