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Alli slimming caps

I've heard some really gross things about alli and other fat blockers! Have you already bought them?? I did think about it but then I heard all the horrow stories!!

They block the fat and them it comes out when you poo...apparently its like an orange oil slick :jelous:.

One lady on the telly even said she farted oil/fat :jelous::jelous::jelous:.

Really gross. But anyway if you dont mind these gross side effects, I think you take 1/2 before each meal x
You take 3, one with each meal. I'm on them and I have certainly not had any of the side affects. If you follow the rules of not eating anything that has over 5g of fat per 100g then you'll be fine!


I want to be fitter again
i havnt bought them yet im going to try them! so have they made a differance
They will certainly make a difference to the weight of your purse lol !! You could try eating low fat as in SW diet and you will still lose weight at a decent speed. (less chance of putting it back on )
When the first came out i did them and the problem is hidden fat, i cannot see how they would work with sw because you have to calorie count and fat watch to make them work and if you are doing sw the main advantage is not having to do those things. I had the orange oil at times and it was horrid, you never knew when it was going to come and i had a stomach ache the whole time. On the plus side i did lose 9lbs in 1 week but as soon as i stopped i put it all back on. Hope this helps.
I cannot see why anyone would want to put chemicals into their body to help with weight loss when you can do it alone, without them. All you need is will power and determination.

These tablets will not help you lose weight in the long term. They do not teach you about a healthy balanced diet. The second you stop taking them and eat "normally" you will become ill and put weight on so fast.

I just don't understand why if you are prepared to pop pills and put chemicals into you and do something your body doesn't naturally need you aren't prepared to just up the will power and determination and lose weight but changing your diet. That is the reason we are all in this mess and really the logic to get slimmer is simple.

It is tablets like these that making young, vulnerable people think losing weight is simple and you can eat badly without any consequences because you can them pop a pill to lose weight quicker.

The weight we have all put on didn't pile on in one day yet everyone wants to lose it so fast. Slimming really is a marathon not a sprint.

I really feel passionately that pills like these are truly awful. Eating plans like SW are proven to help you lose weight and have a long term affect so why use pills?!

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