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"Alli" weight loss supplement (q for CDc's)


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S: 12st2lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 25 Loss: 2st1lb(17.06%)
Hey, I was just browsing the internet and came across this... Home - Lloyds Pharmacy - Online Chemist
You've probably heard of "Alli", but if not, basically it claims to help increased fat loss by up to 50% on a diet. So for every 2lbs lost, it helps you lose another.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had tried taking these things whilst on CD? I'd imagine it probably isn't a good idea, and not something I could afford on top of SS anyway, but would it be bad for you? Or would it just speed things up? (presuming it works!)
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its orlistat..i think thats how you spell it, it gets rids of the fat in fatty foods i think, seeing as people on cd are having little fat or SSing i dont think it would make a huge difference

** I might be wrong with everything Ive just posted LOL
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I was on Olistat it only works when you are eating too much fat, and then it comes straight out in fatty deposits it makes sure your bowel doesnt digest as much.

It was crap when i was on it and it wouldnt help at all on this diet due to there being pretty much no fat in anything!


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Hi I know that they do advise a lower calorie diet in conjunction with taking these but tbh I don't know if it would be ok in conjunction with a vlcd. It's actually just a much lower dose of orlistat (about half) which is only available through your dr. Orlistat blocks up to 30% of fat from digesting therefore you eat a lower fat diet and consequently lose weight. I think Alli blocks up to 25%. I have a load of orlistat in the cupboard I had from my dr but had to stop taking it due to my b12 deficiency, I actually only took them for a few weeks. He said I could start taking them again once my b12 went up again and while continuing to take it but I then started the vlcd and wasn't sure if I could take the orlistat at the same time or not.


is going to do this!
S: 12st2lb C: 10st1lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 25 Loss: 2st1lb(17.06%)
Oh I see. Yeah that's pretty much what I thought, that on such a low fat diet (particularly SS!) it wouldn't make a difference... Just wasn't sure. Thanks :)


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I have never taken it whilst on CD but I would not recommend these tablets to anyone. I was on them a couple of times when they were Xenical (Orlistat) and I blame them for the stomach / bowel problems I ended up seeing a consultant for!


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This is what cambridge say:

“Orlistat, prescribed as Xenical, helps people to lose weight by reducing the amount of fat their bodies absorb from the food they eat. The new OTC version of the drug, known as ‘Alli’, provides half the dose previously prescribed but may still cause bowel side effects if the user eats too much fat.

“Since the Cambridge Diet programmes are already low in fat, it is unlikely that there would be any additional benefit in taking Alli at the same time. It is unlikely that there would be any short term problem in taking Alli while following a Cambridge programme, however the active ingredient in Alli is known to interfere with absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). Cambridge products contain sufficient vitamins A, D, E, and K to meet recommended daily requirements provided that absorption occurs normally. Thus, since Alli could disrupt that absorption and create a risk of vitamin deficiency over a period of time, we strongly recommend that customers do not try to supplement their Cambridge Diet programme with Alli. Any customer who wants to start the Diet and is already using Alli should be advised to discontinue the drug while following the Cambridge Diet as it is unlikely to provide additional benefit.”


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lol doesn't it make you poo yourself? i looked into it but the thought of ''leaking fecal matter'' didn't really appeal!


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I think if you are already on a low fat diet then the tablets are pointless..unless the fear of having nasty side effects if you ate anything with high fat content was only thing keeping you on straight n narrow:8855:and they aren't cheap at £49.95 a month.


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at the price they are why not get them prescribed by gp. and get the full strength version at £7.10p ?
ps i am making it clear i am not saying take theses while on cd just advocating common sense.
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my dad's on the stronger prescribed version of these, he lost some weight to start with but is now back to his usual eating habits, taking the pills, not loosing weight, and spending a lot of time in the toilet (oh and the smell!). It maybe a good idea for someone with a little weight to lose with a toilet nearby, who knows they are not an easy option and need to change their lifestyle, but in the long run I can't see them working for anyone else.


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I was on these a while ago and it is vile!
I literally had to throw away countless pairs of knickers (ew!)
I would advise anyone NOT to go on them, even if it meant extra weightloss, the side-effects just aren't worth it.
I was on Xenical a few years ago, the side effects are pretty unpleasant..bright orange oily substance:eek: if you eat fat. Trouble was things like jelly beans, wine gums licorish etc dont have any fat in them (but unfortunately have a very high sugar content) therefore I just switched to those:eek:.
The other diet pill that came out this week was appesat (they are selling it in Boots) This apparently (takes with a pinch of salt) has the effect of a gastric band by expanding in the stomach giving that full feeling. However if you are in ketosis then you shouldn't be feeling hungry anyway.:)


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Because the requirements to get Alli are different to those to get Xenical. Alli seems aimed at those whos doctors wont prescribe Xenical. If my doctor wouldnt prescribe me something Id think there was a pretty good reason for it and wouldnt be looking for extortionate similar drugs :(

so in a way are you saying that people are self precribing when the gp says no, and thus paying the higher price?
(i guess it depends on how much you want it, and how determined you (people) are to get it).


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At the end of the day, its a reinforcement measure towards a healthy diet and not a miracle pill. You still have to cut out all fats in your diet, and be prepared for side effects. I tried it and only had one episode of a side effect which was totally my own fault, not the pills.

Also I was following WW at the time and losing weight anyway on a very low fat diet so these didn't make a lot if any appreciable difference.

Also on Cambridge you shouldn't add in any other weight loss supplements, alli, xenical, adios, adios max, ephedrine (?) etc as CD SS is only 400 cals a day. You lose a stone a month, no other conventional diet would give you that. Your body has a lot to cope with on this as it is, why stress it out more? Its not a race, take it easy and enjoy your time on Cambridge.

I have seen a few posts on here and elsewhere (and this is not aimed at any specific user but might upset people anyway) asking about Adios, Alli and other weight loss supplements to speed up CD weight loss. Personally I think its greedy and potentially dangerous. Personally losing weight should be about getting to a weight that you are psychologically happy with and your body is healthy at the end of, not "speeding up your metabolism" even more and pushing it to the max.

sorry for the rant.

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