The start of a 3 or 4 stone weight loss journey!!



I have lost weight on slimming world before, nearly 2 stone! Unfortunately, I piled it all back on last year :( I didn't have a great year last year and I am very much an emotional eater so I ate my way through it. Then every time I decided I was ready to start losing again, something else rubbish would happen and I would continue eating. I have just got to a point where I feel ready to start slimming world again, and I was hoping for some moral support from other slimming world people as I don't intend to go to group! (Probably really controversial but I lost more weight when I gave up going to groups last time!).
A little about me. I am 5ft tall and I currently weight 11.4 stone, which is only 1 pound off what I was when I started slimming world last time! That puts my BMI at 30. I am so ashamed I let myself get to this point again. I don't let anyone take pictures of me and I avoid looking in the mirror. I have zero self esteem and I really want to make a permanent change. I am in a much better headspace now and I am much better at recognising when I am feeling low so I am not eating as much.

I will be following slimming world. I will be trying to only have carbs once a day as I tend to get really sluggish when I eat too many, and I won't be synning things like full fat mayo or greek yoghurt. I will just be using them instead of the light stuff as I cannot bear the light stuff. I know that's not what you are supposed to do, but I think one of the reasons I gave up was because I hated the thought of living on low-fat stuff for the rest of my life. & I also worry about what ingredients they use in the lighter stuff. I think whatever they are taking out of the full fat stuff, they are replacing with chemicals in the lighter stuff, so this will be my approach.
I have also joined the gym! I already walk loads due to having many, many dogs. So I am just going to move more as I have just started an office job so I really need to make sure I am keeping active, my previous job meant I was on my feet all day so its a big change!
I am hoping to get a few of us on here supporting each other through our weight loss journey!

What are your stories and what are you hoping to achieve? Or what have you already achieved??
I'm starting today too. Lost about two stone a few years back after my first child but have never really got to grips with my wieght since after having my second child and she is 6 now! I'm the heaviest I've been . Should probably be aiming to lose 3 stone but that seems like such a big task! I'm like you and feel aslong as I eat slimming world friendly meals with plenty of speed I don't want to be counting syns. I'll see how I go I might start by counting syns to get me started. Today is just day 1 but I've had so many day 1s. I've been looking at photos of me going back a few years and just want to feel like I did then. Good luck on your journey and maybe we can spur each other on .