"Almost" two weeks


Guess whos back...
Due to working this weekend and not being able to attend LL meeting i went along tonight for a weigh and chat.

12days into LL and i have now lost 15lb :) Ya my first stone away... And i have already had to adjust my belt one notch and my work uniform has gone from tight over belly to room to spare!

Wohoo only 12days, it incredible.And i am now getting into the flow of LL and finding my water and foodpacks a part of daily life no problem. Still getting temptaion from food and snacks, but getting stronger in not touching a thing.

Amazed how energised and alert i feel too.
well done professor ...it's my first day.....i'm tired,hungry and have a cold!!!! going to watch extras then bed .....i read your blog but can't seem to reply to it ...........susan
Wow Lee you must feel great. Glad your getting into the programme. Before you know it you'll be throwing that old belt of yours away because there will be no notches left to fit you.

You keep on with it your doin great XXXX:)
Wow that's amazing! :D you must be thrilled! And to start noticing the change in your size is a great feeling isn't i! ;)
Well done! Keep up the great work! :cool:
Well done Lee, i bet you are over the moon, keep up the good work... just think how you will look and feel at christmas

Gem xx:)