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already learnt something!!


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So i am on day 9 (you can tell i'm still getting to grips with this as i am still counting the days) i am home alone tonight - i could honestly eat everything - i am not hungry and won't be eating anything. But i have realised that i eat because i am bored..... yes i know that this realisation isn't rocket science and i probably know this really but i know that this is a habit that i have to break!! :wave_cry:
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Here we go again!
Good for you for reaching that realisation. When I was by myself that's when I was worse too. I think LT is brilliant for making us realise our eating problems. I ate for any reason whatsoever. Bored, excited, sad, happy or anything really. Glad I've broken those habits now. Just got to retrain my brain when I finish this.


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Its good that you have now conciously realised that you eat because you are bored :D
Just keep busy - get into a new tv programme, come on here and chat, take up a hobby - anything to keep your mind of eating!
Hi Katc, I too am home alone. BH on nightshift. I can relate to what you are saying all I can think about is all the things I could eat and no-one would know. I am on day 6 and have my first weigh in tomorrow so my will power is still good so won't blow it. Have saved my last shake so will go and have a nice hot chocolate now.;)
hiya in my opinion this is the best thing about lt whilst yournot eating it makes you think about why you eat and i also realised i ate when bored/sad/happy any reason really hopefully this will change when my journey ends

all the best
Well done for sticking with it. It is sooo hard but soooo worth it!
I am amazed by how much of my life before this was taken up with food and eating! Even after 8 weeks, I still crave food on Friday nights because that was my wine and pizza night!!


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Thank you, l know its not rocket science but it is amazing how often i have found myself walking to the fridge just to look at what is in there - i know this isn't a new habit and before i would have eaten something ....


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol kat!

I do that too!!

I wonder what everyone in my family will be eating so check the fridge! (still doing it on refeed) lol!!!

Have you started starring at people while they eat yet? x


I will be skinny again!!!
And are you enjoying it?

Is it filling??


We are a bunch of starved weirdos eh?? lol
its the sniffing the food which is the worst!! and the labrador looks i keep giving him - following the fork from plate to mouth!! pathetic! x
well done for realising

just something to work on and change
I dont know if I have masochistic tendencies...but.....I seem to be enjoying cooking for my OH even more than normal, he goes into fits of extacy as he's eating and finishes every morsel (he usually leaves a little)....or is he subtly trying to get me to crack and start eating normally again???


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haha supa! you makes me giggle! he is probably trying to get you to crack - mean man!!

i find cooking quite theraputic! i think its because i know i cant eat it so i want to cook it for others to eat! :D

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