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Already worrying about xmas!


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In my job we have a lot of xmas things.. A regional xmas ball, an area christmas party and a department christmas party... I dont want to miss out and not go but I know I wont be able to not eat! Esp as its all from a set menu so I would have to pay for food anyway.

I really dont know what to do, what do others plan on doing?

Can you really stop the damage by sticking to the diet 100% until the day of the party and then starting again the day after?

I do really want to lose weight but I also dont want it to stop me from joining in with things at christmas time!
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I think you can't go wrong if you're sensible about it. Try not to go mad on the carbs and if you are going to have a drink and a complete day off then just get straight back on it. I plan to have a couple of days off over christmas just not go mad and eat everything in sight as I used to do xx


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If you just watch what youre eating it shouldnt be a huge problem Sammy. Whatever the meal is just have the protein and skip dessert. Thats what I plan for any Christmas nights out anyway.

The way I see it is that I have to lose this weight as quickly as possible. At the same time Im not going to completely put my life on hold to do it. Complete abstinence from food and drink 99% of the time is more than enough, so if I have to add a meal or have a few drinks I will. Whats the occasional night in the grand scheme of things?


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Yeah... hopefully!!

They are all on a friday night and after this week Im going to take my weigh ins back to Sat morning... so I thought what I might do is on the weeks of the parties is weigh in on Friday, then start the diet on the sat again, so Ive got a week to get rid of whatever damage I have done, even if I just lose a pound a week over that period, its all a move in the right direction and far better then gaining weight!
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That's pretty much what normal-weight people have to do anyway, if they pig out one day they go back to eating less the next day. I guess the only difference between them and us is they do it automatically without having to think about it. I think what went wrong with me why I put all my weight back after my previous diets is that I somehow expected I'd have a slim person's mind after I got slim. But now I know I will always have to eat by a set of explicit rules.


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Yes Im the same Inge, I think this time I have really started to understand food and although I dont want to be on a diet all my life... I am going to have to watch what I eat for the rest of my life, hopefully being on Exante will stop my snacking as well once I come off the diet.
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I've also got 3 dos/work meals to go to, for the first and the last I plan to eat as though it's add a meal week, protein and veg and for the other I'm taking two days off so that I can go out, have a few drinks and a good dance!


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I think that you are all right. Christmas is only a few days. The only thing I am unsure of is the alcohol. Am I right in thinking that it is dangerous to drink alcohol whilst in ketosis? If that is correct do we need to do a refeed (or something similar) before drinking?
I had a night off last month when I was away. I'd certainly never drink when I'm taking the shakes but I had no problems having it with food and I did end up well and truly out of ketosis. I have to admit PERSONALLY I'd rather not refeed in advance I want to keep damage to a minimum. Could be totally the wrong way to do it but it worked for me x
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I am assuming as long as we don't go overboard and eat a bit with the drinks we should be ok.

It was a a big thing for me today because it was the last day at my job after 9 years - a bit emotional and mixed feelings about leaving but I know it is 100% the right decision for me - so we all went out for lunch - I had grilled chicken, salad (no chips!) and sparkling water. Then had a small cake in the afternoon & 2 glasses of wine in the pub after work.
Just had my evening shake and feel ok and full up - the wine was ok - not gone to my head too much - so hopefully will be ok at xmas as well. BUT will have to see what the scales say next week!
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Hi, as long as its only when you are out you go of the rail get back on the next day and you should still lose, its a while away so get uptight just now about it by then you will be used to taking xante,

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