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Hi does anybody know if there is an alternative to oat/scan bran?

I posted earlier about having asda simply porridge for breakfast, somebody kindly replied about having one sachet plus 1 oat/scan bran, but I don't have any of those, so just wondering what else I could have with it?

Hope someone can help me :-/
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Sorry but its that or nothing - you can't replace it with something else or have a bit more porridge to make up the difference.

You can get scanbran in Holland and Barrett the health food shop, and in Ocado


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I've been told that if you want to have one of the HEb options that include an '+1 scan bran' caveat it is ok to just not have the scan bran if you don't want it.

Not sure if that is correct but it is what my SWC told me, just passing it on :)
Oat / Scan bran is made from 100% bran I believe. SO, I buy a bag of bran and add this to my 28g of porridge. The only problem is knowing how much of it to add (it's really light anyway), but I find that 2 or 3 tablespoons makes it taste the same as when I've added a scan bran.

Basically, a HExB needs to have a certain amount of fibre in it, which porridge on its own hasn't got. The bran provides the extra fibre. I can't believe these consultants that say it doesn't matter. The fibre in your HExB is obviously in important part of the plan.


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Aaahh!!! - bran is about 5 syns for 28g - if you are adding 2 or 3 tbsp to your porridge then you could easily be adding an extra 10 syns without knowing it.

That is why you shouldn't substitute the scan bran for something else - it is far to easy to add syns.
dawnwynne said:
Just had a look at Holland and Barrett online, is scan bran this the one?
Yep that's the one. I just bought a few packs because of it being on offer. It's quite a good deal.

OT also bought some isreali (giant) cous cous. It's the only place i can find it.
Thanks so much, I went to a local Hollands and Barrett and asked for scan bran and they had no idea what I was talking about! lol Now I know, going back to see if they have it.
scan bran is 85% unprocessed wheat bran, 14.7% rye flour and 0.3% salt..

lol, I just noticed on the pack it says "best eaten with a topping or as part of a recipe"... even they think it's nasty on it's own.. :)


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Actually although Ocado used to stock it, I can't find it anymore. Can anyone else ??? Thanks.

Gail x
Bran is light as air - 2 - 3 tablespoons barely shows on my scales. It certainly isn't anywhere near 28g!!
Bran is light as air - 2 - 3 tablespoons barely shows on my scales. It certainly isn't anywhere near 28g!!
... I reckon you'll be alright ... *don'thitmeSWers* Scan Bran are LITERALLY just squished bran and a little bit of flour. Since I'd rather eat soil than scan bran I think that's a really good idea :)

If it gets you ... moving ... shall we say and doesn't effect your losses then I wouldn't worry too much. Or you know, just syn your what ... 0.5 syns, if even, of bran ;P

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