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Alternatives to gas central heating?


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Am currently in the process of buying a house (fingers crossed) there is no gas at the property just some electric storage heaters in some of the rooms.
We are wondering what options there are other than gas and if people have tried them etc
Money is an object and open fires etc ren't an option. Have wondered about solar stuffbut supose it would be expensive to set up.
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Hi , we live in an area where there is no gas too ! Your main options are a modern electric storage heating system , in a well insulated double glazed house the modern systems can be quite good , not as good as central heating , but not far off , although I have heard that a lot of electricty comanies have stopped offering economy 7 tarrif to new customer ( the tarrif where electricity is cheaper at night when your heaters are on ) , so it would be worth checking this out as it could make it expensive if you cant get economy 7 .
Solid fuel central heating , there are all sorts of systems that burn different fuels ( coal , wood , specialist fuel , multi - fuel ) although it does take some effort to keep it fuelled up and cleaning etc
and Electric central heating , this , as far as i am aware is fairly new and becoming more and more popular . I have heard it is very efficient and as good as gas , but you would have to look into it more closely .

Solar power is good for topping up your electric and lights etc can run on it but I dont think you could run a heating system on it to be honest . there is also ground source heating , where they use the heat underground to produce heat ..... very expensive to set up , but then low running costs .

Hope this helps a little :)


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do you actually need central heating at all? I am quite happy without it - fire in the lounge but no other heating at all

I think we as a population have become too 'soft' for want of a better word - too accustomed to it and just assume that we need heating in all rooms

The thing with storage heaters is the lack of control you have. A sales person tried to sell me riolte digitally controlled electric radiators that just plug in to the socket but tbh it would have been just the same as using portable heaters in each room but a darned sight more expensive


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I think we will have to live through the first winter there with whats available anyway and see how we go because of the cost.
I agree that it might not even be neccesary to have it!
I just want the house to be honest and can't wait till its all signed and sealed!
Have lived in houses before without central heating in fact most of the houses have lived in didnt have it so am sure I will survive!

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