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am i eating to much fruit ??

hi all
please can someone advise me i joined slimming world on the extra easy plan
i think i been having way to much fruit

b- rasberries or blueberries frozen fruit
with 2x yogs over the top
then 2hrs later apple

l- will be he 3xww bread with heaps of thick ham
another yog

then more fruit to snack on

dinner jacket beans or hoops

oh and pineapple as its sweet and satifys my sweet tooth

will i still loose weight ?? is this too much fruit ??

i have only 5-10 syns a day if that some days i dont have any

and does anyone know a EE carbonara recipie as this is my fav

jessie xxx
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Hi! Sounds fine to me but I am no expert! I think others might suggest you cut down on the yogurt if you find you are not losing. I eat tons of fruit too.
Re carbonarra recipe - I tried the one on slimmingeats website (google it) and it was yum yum yum!!
It's fine hun! Fruit that's a free food is unlimited on SW and you should eat as muhc as you fancy. Only thing I personally limit are bananas an grapes (i.e. no more than one serving per day) because they're not speed food.

Other than that go for it! Is this your first week? The only other thing I would say try and make sure you have at least 5 syns a dayx
A couple of weeks ago my consultant said that fruit should be limited to 5 pieces a day.
I was surprised because no where in the SW book does it say that.


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Fruit is free, but if you find that your losses slow maybe try cutting down. Everybody's body is different and some people are able to eat as much fruit as they like, others maybe need to limit it. My Aunt used to eat lots of fruit on SW and her losses were not so good, so she had to cut down the fruit.

As for the Carbonarra i am about to put a recipe on my thread for a nice EE carbonarra recipe.
*honey's recipes a sticky on the recipe forum


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I eat my body weight in fruit, almost... but I can't say that it has hindered me!

I think your C has gotten slightly crazy, nowhere does it limit your fruit and the 5 a day thing is just guidance, in other countries it's 7 or 8 pieces!
I eat a lot of fruit as well as I dont like veg much. I am doing the red/green plans because of the veg issue. I would say though if you can eat loads of melon and grapefruit these are ss fruits and help boost your metabolism. Hope this helps
Hi fruit is free and I eat loads of it. I do restrict grapes and only have one banana a day but all the rest is free. I've lost just under 3st on SW and would recommend it to anyone and I've always eaten loads of fruit. As for carbonara, I love Italian but not this so sorry I cannot help. Good luck


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Looks good to me. The way I see it, if you are hungry and therefore snack on loads of fruit surely that is better than snacking on loads of crisps, choccies etc. I eat about 8 pieces of fruit a day and I have lost 1st 1lb in 5 weeks so don't think it has hindered me at all. If it starts to I might cut down but for the moment I am a fruit eating machine!
Thanks everso its really good to hear other peoples views and the support

i dont feel like i have had a loss this week
i have my first weigh in tomorow fingers crossed i wont get disheartned as it may take a week for my body to catch up

i have set my self some lil goals

loose 7ib which will take me 10.7 get my nails done
loose a stone which will take me 10.00 get a beauty course treatment

and 9.12 my dress for ascot !!



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