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Am I eating too much !!!!

S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
For the last few days I have been extremely hungry. I have no idea why.

I feel I have been eating much more than I would do normally.

This is what I had today.......


yogurt, pear, apple, banana.



Homemade vegetable soup and 3 ryvitas.
yogurt. Soup was made with 1 potato, carrots, onion and red pepper with 5 spice and mint.

baked potato with cheese hexa and b, baked beans, mushy peas.

During the course of the day 3 options drinks.

The yogurts are free ones. 0% fat and sugar.

I feel really full. Thank goodness !!!!
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Nothing off plan there lovely, dont worry! If you are having a hunger burst then you are going the right way about dealing with it, so just go with the flow and stick with it. You obviously need it at the moment, so carry on as you are!


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There must be something in the air, as I too had a hunger burst yesterday and craved sweetness. Unlike you, though, I succombed to a packet of chocolate buttons :eek:

So you go polish your halo and I'll sit on the naughty step :D
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The last few days I've also had hunger pangs and eaten much more than I usually would. I'm trying to stay good and snack on fruit but a couple of times I've sucuumbed to the Ben & Jerry's Frozen yogurt in the freezer lol
I wouldn't say that's too much Sue but maybe the fruit until lunch just isn't filling you up.
Maybe start the day with something more substantial than fruit and see how you go?

I also think it's the time of year.... I've been extra hungry and fruit and yoghurt just don't cut it at the moment. I've been making superfree soup and having a mug of that when I'm hungry. I make it with squash, carrot, onion and pepper and whatever spice/seasoning I fancy.


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I used to just have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast but now it's colder and I always seem to be hungry I like to start the day off with porridge or a SW fryup!



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I think its the weather because i feel a lot more hungary x I think we probably need more food when its cold to give us energy to keep warm xx


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I have to say that this does not look like a lot to me - I eat a lot more than that during a day

But I do agree that you need to look at your breakfast - try adding some protein or carbs instead of just the fruit as that is not going to fill you up and keep you going for the whole morning

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