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AM I SUPOSSED TO FEEL THIS TERRIBLE (a bit funny but not really)

I HAVE JUST FINISHED DAY TWO AND I HAVE HAD THE MOST AWFUL DAY I WOKE UP EXTREMELY TEARFULL AND HAVE NOT STOPPED ALL DAY,I FORGOT TO PUT MY BINS OUT AND STARTED crying then one of my kids chased the bin men an asked them, when they come back up the road could they pick it up
he said tuff she should have done it earlier
then i was in histerics i couldt controll my self, you know when you cry and breath in about 5 times really quickely
then i had to take the kids to school and met the bin men on the way, i blocked the road and started screaming at them
all they said was "calm down love its only a bin" anyway at school i had to get my friend to sign my kids in as i was 4 mins late after my fit at the binmen and i couldnt face going in school coz i was in tears
anyway my friend came round for a cup of tea the bin men came to my house and she went out to talk to them. bearing in mind i am 28 and my mate is 22, when she went out they said,,,, tell YOUR MUM that we didnt mean to upset her and sorry
it was only 4 months ago i got asked for id to get into a pub ffs how the hell can i be her mum ..........
god, i have been asleep the rest of the day
am i normal
i hope this is worth it, i have put up picks of myself looking sexy and slim where i stand to drink my poison...
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Its my 2nd day on LT as well. Dont worry hun, hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. I didnt have any fights with the bin men but I did call our biggest customer a f'ing C on the phone to him. Didnt go down too well lol


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I was really moody my first few days... It WILL get better.. as soon as you go into ketosis you'll be zipping around all over the place.. I hope! I know I was.. It feels almost euphoric, from what I experienced.

Just stick with it, and don't break! Just think a couple months down the line how fab you're going to look standing infront of those old piccies..

3-4 days max, you'll go into Keto, and you should feel great!

p.s. don't forget the bins! I can't believe they came back for yours! They'd tell me to stick it if I missed mine.. haha!


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oh hun, the 1st few days are awful, I am on day 13 and has only been the last few days I have felt better, but it is worth working through, your weigh in next week will boost you!
I spent most of last friday crying like aan idiot, but this friday am like a different person!!
i sure hope so or i will not be a bride cos there is no way im going to be a bridezilla
my wedding dress is coming on monday but i hope i can get through the weekend brfore thanks everyone:)
i don t know what i would have done it they told me to stick it, i have 4 kids two of which in nappies full time and a disabled fiance who cant walk so we cant even take them to the tip or anything:(
oh hun - what a horrible sh*tty day! everyone is right - it will get better - some days I think "i can do this diet til christmas" and sometimes I think "i can't do this til i get out of bed!"

don't worry about the bin men - and who cares what they think - of course you don't look like your friends mum. Just get through tonight - get the kids in bed, have a bath if you can and if there's any chance of an early night, take it x x x


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Awww, hugs for you xxxx and some kisses, what a day. It will get better I promise. If only we could have a visit from the Cuddlyfairy she would know the right thing to say. All I know is it DOES get better, and for me there is a strong connection between food and feeling, and when I stopped eating high fat high carb food I started to feel my feelings a bit more and that was a surprise.

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Oh hun, what a terrible day. We all go through this though love, so keep coming on here for support and you'll find yourself truly in ketosis soon and wondering why you felt so down!

Those bin men sound like right &&*^%$^&'s you should have told them to ******************!

Go have a nice soothing cup of peppermint tea and try to relax if you can.

Sorry you had a cr*p day hun it will get better just stick with it. Think of the end result it will keep you motivated, a few more days and you will feel great xx
when your body is in ketosis it starts burning fat rather than glucose or sugar stores. when this happens you'll stop feeling hungry and will get a burst of energy and feel soooooooo much better. it won't be long babe honest - keep drinking lots of water. takes the edge of the hunger til it passes and then helps with the weight loss too
S: 13st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 1st5lb(9.74%)
You'll know when you're in ketosis because your breath will smell!

Its the process in which you burn fat on LT. And it keeps your body at a constant level of energy rather than the fluctuating highs and lows of a carb filled diet.

Its amazing.

And please, drink PLENTY of water...its the key to losing plenty of weight!
cool im very excited although in a way i feel lucky as i have not had one bit of hunger at all, i think i ate for habbit not hunger so i dont actually know what it feels like to be hungryy x
Hugs for your day, and good on you for tackling the binmen, I know it isn't funny and I am really feeling for you, but I am giggling to myself at the mental picture of you blocking the road and tackling the binmen I'm so impressed. Sorry if that is insensitive.

It truly will get a lot better and soon. If it didn't those of us on it a long while wouldn't have been able to last out. Ideally you would take it easy for your first few days, which helps a lot, but with all you have on your plate you can't. So you aren't crazy, just normal.

Try to get an early night if you can, can't wait to hear how Monday goes when you get your dress. I am sure that will really help cheer you up x
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Thanks for the recommendation Liberty, not sure if I'm any help but I'll do my best.

Gemsie, we are all human and all have days like this - I certainly do! Having a good cry does me the world of good and a little pampering. The first week is the hardest so try not to be supermum. Let your OH do what he can, I know your children are only young but it will only be for a few days. Get plenty of rest and sleep and, as I said, pamper yourself. Long baths, a good book, face mask and all that stuff and dream about what a stunning bride you will look in your size 12 wedding dress.

I often found that I had days when I felt sorry for myself, or even disgusted with myself that I had so little self-control with food that I let myself get so revoltingly fat. It was hard to come to terms with the fact I was morbidly obese and looked like the back of a bus. Self-pity reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. The support and encouragement on this forum made me realise that we can all do this and we owe it to ourselves to be happy. Hey, I still have low days (usually totm) but they are fewer now as I get closer and closer to my target.

PM me with your MSN address and I'll add you to my friends so you can contact me whenever you feel down and I'll do my best to help.

Good luck hun.

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BTW, I know exactly how you feel about being mistaken for your friends mum, I was once asked if I was my OLDER sister's mum!!! She is nearly 10 years older and I thought I looked younger!!!!!!

I was also someone who was refused entry to a nightclub for not being older enough when I was over 21!!!! And Woolies refused to sell me liquer chocs one Christmas coz at 21+ I didn't look over 16!!!! Those were the days!!!!