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Am I the only one??


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Hi Guys,

Since my 2nd week of starting LT I have been obsessed with cooking.... I am finding it a bit disturbing now tbh!

I started last week making carrot cake and bread for the kids. This week I have made loads of dinners from scratch... Baked cakes and biscuits, you name it. I have even made my favourite curry tonight and not tempted??? Even the naan bread isnt doing it for me?? In fact I have religiously washed my hands and not been tempted to take a wee 'lick'... well except when I burnt my finger on boiling chocolate...

Pre-LT there would have been no cooking for a start and if I had, I certainly would have been eating more than my fair share.. Now TBH its good stuff and my curry is fat free except the chicken which is minimal.. I have been experimenting with old recipes and so far everyone loves them!!

Anyway, WHY am I doing this?
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do this myself and did it last time i did lt...my theory is that its one way of getting close to food lol obviously not eating it is sometimes difficult but seeing other people eating it is just as nice...also smelling it does seem to help the cravings somehow :)

h xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Nope your not alone!!

I did, loved cooking dinner for everyone!

Tanya has got it the worst though lol!!! shes went crazy for it haha!!
i just cooked by OH a mixed grill/fry up and on day 3 i really want one too- will resist.


Here we go again!
Hands up to this one too! I love cooking for the family and also sniffing food really helps me along too. The smell of it is enough somehow. Have cooked all along this journey and really enjoyed it. Mind you, I used to cook before this anyway.


I will be skinny again!!!
Hang in there yo yo!!

You can resist!!


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Ha, I couldn't go in the kitchen for the first couple of weeks, never mind open the fridge to get ingredients out! Just used to run in, blend shake and run out again. Ok now though.

Agree with MiniB on the sniffing though - it really helps. The girls at work give me their empty crisp packets to sniff and then roll around laughing when it looks like I'm wearing a nose bag!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
I too have this strange phenomenon.....I did cook beforehand but didnt enjoy it because I was stressed out with food and knew I would eat what I was cooking and it would put weight on me. So, I was never relaxed.

Now, well, in the past week I have made corn bread, fahittas (not sure how to spell), broad beans in olive old (Turkish recipe), stir fried chicken, Oh, I could go on...hope I am not making people drool....

I have said many times on here that I feel totally liberated with food. I love cooking and looking for new recipes to cook for my husband..oh, consequently, I have made that much that I cant get anything else in the freezer!!!

I too love to smell the food...sometimes I feel that I have had it, but I havent.

Maybe we are getting to understand food and not have issues with it!!
loved cooking before LT and still love it. Live on my own so opportunities are few and far between.

But when i get home tomorrow night i'm going on a baking frenzy for my friend's fundraising bake sale:

cranberry and chocolate flapjacks
banana and pecan muffins
pine nut butter cookies.

it'll be a late night and an early morning start saturday!!


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elle-em, you couldnt post your recipe for pine nut butter cookies could you? they sound lovely, i bet my family would love them

h xx
will do :)


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Oooh, Scotsmist, I did chilli corn bread the first week for a barbeque..............


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Nope your not alone!!

I did, loved cooking dinner for everyone!

Tanya has got it the worst though lol!!! shes went crazy for it haha!!
:rotflmao: that is true, i hold my hands up!

I always liked to cook before LT but since i started this diet i have litterally gone cooking mad! I even like making the sandwiches and stuff for my brother and mum and dad's lunches the next day ... yes i am a strange creature!

Although cakes and biscuits are my speciality and have made a couple of cakes now and even have had an order for a 40th birthday cake which i did!

So you are not alone, i reckon its just your body's way of coping to not having any 'food' :)

Be careful not to fall into the trap of only making bad food, get looking at some healthy recipes that way when you finish you can cook healthy for yourself and your family :family2:


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The kids always did their own lunches pre-LT, hubby bought at work. Since LT I have done healthy salad wraps with cajun chicken and the like, I love the smell of the chicken (Aldi in the frozen section, chilli and garlic, yum!). I open the fridge to smell it!! Ha ha ha...

Hubby has saved a fortune in buying from the deli as I also pack them cakes or biccies too. Only doing fish and chips for them today tho, there are rock drops left over from yesterday!!
Me too, I love to see my hubby and son really enjoy what I make. Have cooked jamaican jerk chicken, dumpling,beef patties, coconut cake and ginger cake today for a fathers day meal tomorrow.

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