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Am I The Only One?

G: 11st0lb
Im feeling a bit like a odd ball... But I really dont like any of the SW adapted stuff: coleslaw made with el mayo or yog, syn free gravy, currys with ff yog, smash pizza, sw jellies, lasasgne made with quark, cakes made with scanbran , syn free pancakes! :9529:I could add more but wont. I just think it all tastes rank and nothing like the real deal.. Maybe its my cooking! :( I would much rather just have lf versions of stuff and syn it or go without...

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hollys nan

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Well if that is what you like and yr within yr syns no prob. I am a bit of an odd ball as well, as I dont like veg, and so often look at recipes and think, ewwww no dont fancy that. We are all different and have different taste buds, thats what makes us what we are. Fantastic weight loss btw!


banana phone
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I tend to stay away from anything deserty as sweetner taste disgusting and is unnatural. I eat a lot of fruit and veg mainly. With some potatoes, pulses, rice and pasta thrown in there for good measure. The yogurts are just fat free and i like the activia ones. The muller lights are chocker full of geletine so cant be having those. I;ve tried quite a few slimming world recipes and have been let down by a a fair few but also have enjoyed many.


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Hey sweets!
A lot of things from your list I have also tried and binned (I'm never gonna eat quark cauliflower cheese in a million years) and some I have adapted, egg Mayo made with el Mayo AND light salad cream (tastes good) and some things I just can't live without and syn (gravy, for one, tried beef stock and it was too salty for me) - so I think the whole point of SW is to eat more healthier by changing the way you look at food and the way you cook food (I didn't realise I liked vegetables until I started eating 1/3 superfree foods) by adapting foods i've always eaten, porridge for breakfast but with frozen rasperberries instead of sugar etc! I don't think I've read anywhere that you have to eat any food you don't like!! Chill out! It's a lifestyle change, but remember it's your life and only you can live with the changes you make :)

Hope that helps :)


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I agree with you! Personally I don't make any of that adapted stuff, I can't really be bothered as I'm not so desperate for cake that I need to make one out of cous cous. Just an opinion though, each to their own!
I love adapting things- and have often adapted recipes I have found to a SW friendly alternative. I have no qualms about using sweetener, extra low fat products etc, sure there are things that are perhaps not as good for you in there but then you can say the same about the cholesterol in high fat foods and I sure as hell didn't get to the weight I was by eating granulated sweetener.

Personally, I would rather try out adaptations (for example, I couldn't live without syn free KFC or quiche in my life any more,) and if I don't like them, I know not to bother again.


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I'm only on week one and have come to more or less the same conclusion that I would rather make things normally or slightly better than normal and syn it than have it free, tried 5 recipes this week and only 1 would I consider again!! As others say though it's different for everyone we need to find what suits us!
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It's just trial and error really I love SW chips, burgers pizza, soup I still have cheesy chips n roasts etc just make Potatos with fry light, I'm
A bit fussy with food n don't like trying new things I tried SW quiche with cottage cheese and never again but like I said chips and burgers are a win for me, also like SW stirfry just added paprika and chilli flakes with light soy sauce to give it a kick, I don't like quark or that so I male recipes I like and just syn others like milk or butter in mash, I tried smash as mashed potato and was disgusted it was like I was eating cardboard, but there loads of food u can have with no syn value or little


Wedges( use garlic paprika herbs etc)
New Potatos
Potato cubes

Chicken in bacon with cheese HeA
Chicken in breedcrumbs heb
Gammon and egg or pineapple
Burgers extra lean mince egg herbs garlic and onions smush in a bowl make burger shapes and cook
Chicken nuggets
Pasta with passta and herbs
Pasta bake with meat or cheese

20 and been cooking for years and now every day since my nan passed, and it's jut seeing what u do and don't like I love Fhajtis so I use 1/4 of mix and have half te chicken no wraps but with egg fried rice with peas in
And works out 2 syns I think,
I try todo diff things n use diff spices to try change the flavours, x hope this helps abit but if ur like me n hate quark ANd cottage cheese just try recipes without them in xx

<3... Victoria-Louise...<3.


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I think it really is a case of trial and error, and working out what works best for you. For instance I don't like quark as a mayo substitute, or mixed with options as I find it too sharp in taste, but I do love it stirred into homemade tomato pasta sauce to make a creamy pasta sauce.
I'm not into frylight as the funny smell (and the strange list of ingedients) puts me off but others would hate to waste syns or a B choice on olive oil, but at least we still have the choice!
I did try the cous cous cake a few times but could never get it right for me and decided that I rather spend 5 syns or whatever on a Mr kiplings slice! However, i have made an orange cake from the SW website, and Britmom's squidgy chocolate cake and they were so good that I have made them again and shared the recipes with non- SW friends! However, it takes time and patience - and money - to trial all these different things!
It doesn't seem to have held you back though as you're doing really well!
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@cherry pie: if you dont like the fry light (have to say im not a big fan either)

fellipo berrio do a mild and light olive oil in a spray pump (2 cals per spray)

hope that helps - personally i couldnt do without my oilve oil;)

V x
Is the Bertolli Spray Oil free? I asked my consultant and she wasn't sure. I'd prefer using it to Frylight as it doesn't have any additives.

I agree on alot of the adapted stuff. I don't eat artificial sweetener at all (so I avoid mullers, options, diet coke etc) You couldn't pay me enough to eat quark, and cottage cheese is just a waste of space. Don't even get me started on Smash. I don't mind ex light mayo, and I actually prefer FF Natural Yog to the normal stuff.


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In the book it says that any spray that is 2 cals or lower is free! I hate frylite too so will look for the bertolli!
I agree..so many of the recipies look lovely then you try them and they are awful.
I am a very fussy veggie so sometimes struggle to find different things to have.:confused:


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I am not a fan of any of the desert receipes that I have tried so far...however - any of the savory ones I have done, have been loved by me and my non SW boyfriend alike!

I have tweaked the receipes, through trial and error to make them better for us - still sticking to SW rules.

I guess its down to personal palates. Some of our fav things are the SW Burgers / wedges / lasagne / tikka masala and new one that I did last night doner kebab. Now - I am not a fan of a traditional doner kebab - they are gross, sweaty and just UGH. But the one I home made - delicious!!

Maybe just give a few more a go - and if they arent for you, then go with the traditional way, using sins. x


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I didn't think much of the smash pizza, and the "cakes" taste like sweet omelettes but I love a lot of the recipes esp the chicken tikka, my friend had a take-away one recently and the oil slick on the top turned my stomach, even my fella - he does a very manual job and is not in the least overweight - enjoys the food too, I guess each one of us have different tastes


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In the book it says that any spray that is 2 cals or lower is free! I hate frylite too so will look for the bertolli!
I seems to remember the magazine saying the Berrio spray was 4 sprays = 1 syn. Will check when I get a chance.
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Trying again in 2012
S: 25st8lb C: 24st6lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 52 Loss: 1st2lb(4.47%)
@cherry pie: if you dont like the fry light (have to say im not a big fan either)

fellipo berrio do a mild and light olive oil in a spray pump (2 cals per spray)

hope that helps - personally i couldnt do without my oilve oil;)

V x
This is what I use too - convenient but natural! Cheers Stickee xxx


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To me, it just depends on the level of "cheat" involved in the recipe as to whether I like it or not, most of the time! I'm never going to be convinced that quark mixed with hot chocolate powder is the same as a chocolate cheesecake... or that Smash pizza is the same as a real pizza... so I don't get on with those style of recipes, but I'm quite happy to switch natural yoghurt for fat-free natural yoghurt in a curry, or to bulk out a cheese sauce with quark.

I've tried a lot of SW recipes from their magazine and site, and I'd say that 90% of them have been delicious - only had a few stinkers, and nothing inedible, just boring.


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S: 19st5.5lb C: 17st3.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 2st2lb(11.05%)
yea please let me know circles. As I say the books I got when I joined said any 2 cal or lower was free so I hope this one isnt different. I've been meaning to look for an alternative to frylite as i hate it! especially when I fry mushrooms in it!
Hi All. Just got a note from my C who had checked with Head Office on the Bertolli Olive Oil Spray. Its 1 syn for 4 sprays as Circles says. So not free, but fairly low syn. I think it might be worth the odd syn tbh.

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