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Am new, And have few questions?


I have started CD today and am on SS, I weigh 22st and am 5ft6... I'm 23 y/o

Here are my questions..:lost:
OK the thing is this is not the first attempt on CD I've tried before 5 times, And fail
every time, How can I stop that, And actually do it this time?

I know it's a little off coming on this site saying this. But am emotionally
, Have had men breakup with me because am fat, lost jobs and friends because I have no self-love, What can I do to heal (without drugs or

How much do you think I will lose?

And lastly, The first few day are Hell:sign0009: How can I get through them, And how to keep self
when not working?

Thank you for reading my post:help2:
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Hi Zara, welcome to minimins:)
Sorry to hear your previous CD journeys have not gone as planned but whose to say that will happen this time? The first few days are really hard and sometimes I've gone to bed early if I've felt rough. spreading your shakes out throughout the day or some people split theirs so they are having 6 shakes.
Come on here when times are hard, there is usually someone around to offer support and answer questions. what about joining a team for added support and keep you motivated?
I think Cd say an average weight loss of a stone month but some lose more.
Hope this helps:) stay positive ul be fine
Hello Zara,

Well done for trying again, it really does not matter how many times you say you have failed in the past just think of this as your first time, try not to give yourself a hard time by labeling yourself a failure.
You know you want to lose weight, as this is one of the things you believe is making you unhappy, it is one thing that you can control once you start losing the weight you will feel you are doing something right.
The emotional side of eating is something very powerful, I know all about that and wish I could give you a magic formula. The only thing I can say is I keep telling myself it is not forever, I will see a good weight loss in a short time and once I lose a couple of stone I will feel different.
Self love will come with the weight loss, I could not look in the mirror a few weks ago and now I have lost 15lbs I am feeling more positive, and I am wearing makeup again.
Try and sit with the awful feelings for the first few days, it will pass and nothing really feels as bad as the awful things people say about people who are overweight, and once you are losing weight those things will not matter.
Come on here regularly, post questions ask for help and really try hard to get through the first week and you will then be on your way to a new and happier you.
Good luck, I am sure you can doo it this time. xx


Fat busting crime fighter
Zara, what helps me is looking at the inspiration gallery on minimins and see the befores and afters. also, i have mentally told myself that food is the enemy. its food that ultmately makes me unhappy (becuase i put weight on). But if you really do miss food, try SS+ (im doing this and I have to say that having a meal to look forward to on a night is pure heaven even if its only two pieces of fish and two pieces of broccoli)
Look on the bright side and take each week as it comes. dont look to the future too much as its a long way off..... seriously one week at a time. On emeal at a time. Enjoy the meals, take your mind off the diet and when your mind slips into food or hunger mode.... go and paint your nails, go and hoover, go and surf on the net in a room with no food temptation. If you get picky, drink a big blast of water.
im feeling your hurt and dont want you to be sad. You took the positive step to coming here and starting CD - so you are halfway through the mind battle.


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come on here!! why do you think so many of us are here browsing all the time?? ha.

you need to think forward, not backwards. if you think about the other times, even consider them, you will talk yourself into going through the same cycle. if you break the chain of bad habits, really break them this time, then you will get to where you want to be. self motivate. think of things you want to achieve. think of them in a positive light. i DO want to be slim in time for christmas to shop for a wedding dress. I DO want to be more confident in the way i look. I DO want to be able to wander into a cheap shop like primark and find something that fits for £2.50. if you think positively about what you will achieve, rather than negatively about what you haven't achieved in the past you will get there hon :)

and trust me. i've been through cd hell myself. a LOT of hell. and now i'm on day seven of ssing and going strong :D

abz xx
Hi and welcome. All of the above are right. It is hard, but if we had had the will power we wouldn't have the need for CD. It's hard for me mostly Friday and Saturday's. I love going out, and I love wine and cider. What I have to think about is if I love them more than my health! I'm 41 and have been overweight all of my adult life. 2 years ago, lost a load of weight with LL but put 2 stone back on. CD suits me better, I love choc shakes, and when I'm cold the soups are just the job...
You can do it.
Hi hun been where you are and can relate to all .
I used to go for a bath when the cravings hit me hard or go to bed early .Water was a way to confuse myself into feeling full for a while and if I could get myself busy then i would forget the craving .
I also started making a recipe book:eek: of meals ideas for new foods I could eat when I got to goal ,i spent many hours going to library for books then copping out into my files .I also started to knit everyone I know a scarf :p whether they wanted one or not .So find a hobby play games in arcade read a good book anything to keep you busy I even asked for over time at work which shocked my boss but it now means I work more hours and not on diet anymore so dont need distraction lol .Anyway keep posting on here get some great diet /life buddies to give you :vibes: :grouphugg: :patback: :whip: :whoopass: but most of all we like to share all the good times you are going to have on your journey xx

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