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am struggling

ahhh try and and stick with it, the first few days are absolutley horrible but it feels so much better once you get through them!!

C.D works so well, just think about how much weight you could have lost in a weeks time and how good you will feel!!

and keep glugging the water!!!



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i think its where im shattered thats making me feel crap, my little one was unsettled last night where he had a fall in the garden hittign a paving slab.... i could have a sleep but have to go to the schools soon
well maybe taking a nap will help, try and distract yourself, do you walk to school? if you do, leave early and go for a longer walk before picking the little one up. If you get out of the house and doing things its much easier to forget the hunger!!



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i have to drive hun, cos my daughters schools are fairly far apart but close kicking out times if you knwo what i mean

Having a cuppa now to see if that will help
i hear ya emm.. i am the same as you.. its so hard getting back into.. my tummy is well growling at me :(

stick with it though, you know the first 4 days are hell then it will al be worth it .... take hour by hour...

i had half pack this morning and the other half just now and i am going to have a boulion now too.. have you got some?


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Stick with it Em,

Read the paper with a tea or coffee, chew some gum, paint your nails (so you cant touch anything!)

I find having a black coffee with a sweetner helps if I'm really hungry, you kind of feel like your having something nice and it makes a change from water!!



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aww you girls are fab :) thankyou :) whats boulion?

I was gonna go on the tredmill but im likely to pass out :D


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come on em, think about how much you really want to be slim, that's what i think has managed to get me back on track after 4/5 weeks of struggling, i realised if i had just got on with it i'd have been at least a stone lighter now. i know its not easy, but its only those first few days that are terrible, give it your best shot, you will be so pleased with yourself when you succeed :hug99:


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Yea, whats boulion? x
its like vegetable stock powder, its vegan. Comes in a green tin. Although I've heard it can knock some people out of ketosis so I wouldn't go mad with it!!

its found in supermarket green tin orange lid.. marigold vegetable boullion its a stock, use 1 t spoon in a cup with hot water :) you can have 2 a day if needed...

shouldnt knock you out of ketosis :)
its a soup almost, you mix hot water with the powder and its like a thick stock/thin soup. It might take your hunger away a bit and give u some energy!

feeling any better?

hmmm, I don't know what else to suggest....apart from don't move away from the computer screen until you have to pick your kids up.....stay away from the fridge hehe! :0



Gonna be skinny!
Dont worry hun - I am on day 2 and going mad, my head is killing and I am starving!!!
hey em
hope your still sticking with it, im on day 2 now and i feel awful, feeling very sorry for myself and hungry and have a headache, but supprisingly im 100% unheard of with my track record!!
keep strong and you can do it!!

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