Am such a faiure!!! Am going to end up a fat pig again help

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I was doing so well with refeed and went to chemist today and had lost 1lb was so happy as its my totm.

Now it goes downhill my chemist advised me to try myself and maintain so i was chuffed. Came home and made my dinner spag bol low fat of course. After dinner my son had a packet of choc m&m's and i ate them all. I am so ashamed of myself and feel a fat cow. Am so scared that if i was able to do it once i will do it again and end up a fat pig.

My O/H and my family and friends are all so proud of me and what i have done, that i am not only letting myself down but them as well. I really love my new body and don't want to go back to being fat but i have really let myself down.

to make matters worse i feel now like comfort eating.

Please help am so worried.:mad::mad::mad:
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Hi Hunny!
A pack of M & M's isnt going to make you fat. 100 packs, maybe yes lol. But we are allowed to have make mistakes.
You know you did the wrong in your opinion, so you know in the back of your head that you shouldnt eat them, I myself have such a hard trouble doing that. I know i shouldnt get them, but im like f*ck it!
Have you told Son and O/H how you feel? As With me, Its Easier To Have None Of The Food To Tempt Me in The House SO If my Bf Wants It, He Knows To Hide It, As Pathetic As That Sounds Hiding Food, its What Works For Me.


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ahhhh ur ok chick one pack will do no harm. im goin to try n avoid sweets at all cost!!!! wel see how that goes


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This is the adjustment time when you are learning what to do to avoid these episodes. Now you have learned that in future either you, or the M&M's need to leave the room!!!

I ate a whole packet of rice cakes, just because I didn't put them back in the cupboard, and they were in front of me on the coffee table. I'd saved up points for a night out (WW) and then I sat and used them all on bland bl**dy rice cakes because they were in front of me!!!

Nobody is perfect!! (Yet :))


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Please try not to panic. You chose to eat the sweets, you didn't have to, so it figures that you can choose not to in the future. Don't think because you have tried something that you have no control of your actions, it is not true.

You haven't murdered anybody, you are not a bad person, you are just in a panic cos maintaining bit is new to you. I would forgive yourself, read some of the refeed threads and put it behind you, you CAN maintain, the tools you need are here on the forum xx


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Look hun ya are not a bad person and defintely not a failure!! Ya see where the problem is now so learn from it. Don't let one packet of m & m's win. Its not the end of the world, it could have been worse and ya could have had another packet. Try and not dwell on it but remember back to the first day ya started the diet until the day ya got to your nearest goal and look at what ya have achieved. Be proud of yourself and where ya have come and everyone makes mistakes, we are all human!! The more ya dwell on it the more ya are going to comfort eat so take each day at a time and ya will get there in the end tell yourself "yes I can do this" and believe it. Gud luck hun


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ah dont worry.everyone has slip dont have to deprive yourself of anything hon,just do everything in know now that you dont feel good inside when you eat crap,so maybe next time your tempted,just tell yourself you can only have 5.or if you do want a treat,do some extra excersise that day and healthy options.those cereal bars are quite nice.or museli with fruit and is only one slip up so beat yourself have come so far,and its great that your thinking about your body and health,and you know you dont wanna go back to tubby fat keep strong.:superwoman:


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Slipping is OK as long as you don't 'slip to sleep'. I got that expression from the audiobook 'the thin commandments'. It means you shouldn't think 'oh no it's too late now, I've blown it and I might as well keep on blowing it :O!'. You shouldn't stay in slip mode till you're stuck (asleep) in it. Just see it as a learning curve.
I am 3 months into maintenance and I am still learning, finding out what does and does not work for me. When I slip I feel annoyed with myself but I take note and try to find better ways. You want to feel great not just while eating the item but after eating it as well.
Don't worry though, you've come this far and guess what? : YOU CAN DO IT!


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hey hun, we all have those moments, we are only human after all ! i have been maintaining since august 21st and it has its ups n down but it does get easier, think of it as a little experiment,seeing what works for you and what doesnt.

dont torture yourself over a packet of sweets hun,sometimes when we lose weight we see that as an excuse to 'reward' ourselves with something that we think we shouldnt be eating as a treat, just move on from it and if you want the odd treat then have it,don't completely deprive yourself, just be careful and dont overdo it

you will be fine, i know exactly what you are going through, read my refeed diary, i was really bad for a while every time i ate something,was just panic in case i had gained weight but you will learn after a while that it is ok as long as you dont over induldge and i dont think one packet of sweets is going to do you any harm.

good luck xxxx

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thanks for all your comments they have really helped me to pick myself up and think i can do this. i would rather have my slim body and everyone commenting on how well i look than eat bad food and be fat again. Everyone here is so good and i love reading your posts and stealing some of your recipes lol thankyou all so much and here is to a happier slimmer me for ever lol


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i would rather have my slim body and everyone commenting on how well i look than eat bad food and be fat again...

As long as you are doing it for you, it will slip up is not the end...examine why you did it, admit it was a mistake and then go on from not go on a guilt trip and fall into the binge, guilt, binge cycle...guilt is not a good thing to be feeling, it is food, fuel for your body and one slip up is not going to make you fat...seriously...when you feel comfortable around all food types then it is time to dip into sweets and things, but when they are still a temptation (to binge) then it is best they are not in the vicinity...ban all tempting things until you have readjusted to your new takes time...