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Amy Winehouse


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Even though im not surprised- it still is really sad.

I could see her getting worse and worse, and i sometimes wished i could just go over there and shake her...

I'm a recovering alcoholic and addict (3 1/2 years sober and clean) and it is so painful to see someone with the illness of addiction slowly die and you not be able to do anything to help :(

She was a very talented woman, and it's such a shame that she couldn't get better :(


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RIP Amy!! Amazing talent with a tortured soul! Hope she's finally found some peace now :(
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Very sad, R.I.P :(


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I just saw it on the news! What a sad sad day :(
I hope the peace she lacked in life, she finds in death. Rest in peace Amy.


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I feel terribly sorry for her family to have lost her at such a young age to the lifestyle choices she made.

I personally didnt find her particularly 'appealing' as a vocal artist, although i do like a singalong to Valerie.....that was a great cover.

I hope that someone, somewhere, rethinks the choices they make about alcohol and drug use and it saves their lives. If anything good can come out of this news, i hope it is that people are made aware of the ultimate price you can pay to the addictions.



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So sad. So very sad and a waste. A waste of a life that will be mourned by her family and her fans.

Like Elle I was not a great fan but watched her downfall with great dismay.

What a shame she could not see how great she was.

BBC News - Obituary: Amy Winehouse


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I don't think she actually realised how good she was! - what a talent she was, and could well have become one of the greats.

Now she will be immortalised in the "27" Club.

Amy joins all of the following who died at the same age.

Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Jim Morrison
Kurt Cobain
Richie Edwards (Manis Street Preachers - presumed dead)

All tragically young:(


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Rest in peace Amy :(

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