Hoping to feel better ☀️


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I'm Amy. I have a lot of weight to lose. I'm currently 148kg and I feel generally rubbish.

I have PCOS and insulin resistance so I need to follow a low sugar diet. I have done this before and felt loads better.

My goals to start with are to:
- Refrain from sugary foods
- Stick to small amounts of veggie carbs
- Do 30 minutes of exercise each day

Hopefully I'll start feeling a little better and it'll give me the energy to make some more changes.

My overall goal is to reduce my belly fat and feel healthier, more energetic, and to get my hormones in order. Losing weight won't fix all this, but changing my behaviours will go a lot of the way.

I'm Rooting for everyone here; please root for me too!! ❤️
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Hi Amy, well done for making a positive start! This forum is good for support. I come on here for inspiration and distraction from eating wrong food.
Also keeping a diary on here is helpful.

Wishing you all the best with your weight loss journey!


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S: 17st6lb C: 16st9lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st11lb(4.51%)
Thank you! You probably know already but ive read protein, fibre and lots of water are so helpful when cutting down/out sugar. Definitely helps me


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Hi Amy. Welcome to Minimins. I'm already rooting for you!

I don't have PCOS - but have had success with going low carb. There certainly are studes which suggest it's good for PCOS. My favourite resources are dietdoctor.com, ketofitnessclub.com (also on FB), eatlikeabear.com and Jason Fung on you tube.

Would you like to join us on the weekly weigh in thread? You choose a a day and weigh in each week. Decide how many kgs you want to shed by Xmas, and then track it each week. You can add yourself by copying the latest results and addiing yourself.