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an emotional farewell....


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I wanted to let you lovely people know how i feel about you lot before i go on my hols.

I am so so grateful for finding such a wonderful, uplifiting, supportive, positive site to help me pursue my weight loss goal. You peeps are the best - i would never have been able to do half as well as i have if i hadn't stumbled onto minimins and found you.

I can genuinely say i luv you lot - all of you - even the guys :eek:

You have been there for me even when u didnt know it - when i feel down i come on here and surf the numerous threads and i always end up giggling :D

I try not to post too many negative feelings on here - sometimes it is hard to reign them in though so i apologise for not always being as positive as i should be.

You are my inspiration, i want to thank Juls, Mini, Nictastic, Canks, Howdy, MsBlonde, CF, Sami, Porgeous, Newbie Phillip, and of course the lovely Gaz [if i have missed anyone i am sorry :(]

You have all helped me so much, your words of wisdom have kept me coming back to this place day after day - this weightloss journey of mine just wouldnt be the same without you lovely people.

I am so grateful to you - you mean so much to me - i can't thank you enough.

I will be leaving my house at 1.30pm today to get to my sisters for 2pm - we are then getting picked up and going to one of the girls houses we are going away with - it seems they are gonna have an afternoon drinkypoos before we leave for the airport - i am on strict instructions to not let them get drunk though - easier said than done - what with them being complete lushes!!! :rolleyes:

have to be at the airport for 5pm and taking off at 8 or 7 can't bloody remember now!!!!

I have packed all my lipotrim - the chemist didnt write me a note but gave me his phone number incase customs want to ring him - which i thought was lovely!!! I doubt he will be impressed with a phone call at silly oclock in the morning though :eek:

I hope everyone is still here safe and well for when i get back - take care of yourselves, look after the newbies - as i know you would.

love ya


Lisa xxxxx
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Awwww - the PC is crying! Will miss ya hun but have a fab holiday, xxx


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Awww lovely thread :) xxx

Have a fantastic time Lisa & catch you on the flip side... will be looking forward to your next WI post :D xx


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hey lisa, any room for a wee one...lol
don't know if i would fit in your case...but would give it a damm good go..ha ha

Have a wonderful time on your hol's and will miss your posts and your words of encouragement to me and im sure others..
Fair play to you for taking LT on you holiday....good luck, take care, and bring us a bar of rock home...xx
Have an amazing time - keep the faith, but if you're struggling - eat healthy and keep moving take care :wave_cry: xx


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arrr love love love xxx

have a great time, think of those holiday clothes falling off you when you get home as you drop another dress size!!!

look forward to having lost slightly more weight than you though :D:D:D:D:D:D ;)

(or be careful ;))

we'll be thinking of you here in chilly england! :gen125:


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Aww what a lovely msg to read with my morning coffee. You have a lush holiday and kick back babe, you worked hard and you deserve the break. xxx


on the up lol
enjoy ur holiday have a fab time, u be missed :D
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Lisa, I am going to miss you so much. You have fun on your holiday and we'll all be back here when you return eagerly awaiting your WI results!

I'm going to miss everyone and I'm only going up to Cheshire for a few days! It's amazing how quickly you grow to regard people you have never met as such wonderful friends. I don't always sign in but I often pop on here to see what everyone is up to and it seems weird to miss out on WI's for a few days.

I hope everyone has fantastic WI's and I'll expect you all to update me when I get back on Thursday!

Lisa, you have a fantastic holiday and make sure you have some fab photos to show off to us when you get back.

Take care babe.

hi Lisa!

I'm on day 4 and I know what you mean about this being a supportive site. The best site I have known. I can feel their encouragement and willing me on. God bless you keep safe!

Hugs vicy
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb

Oh Lisa babe!

You are so awesome! I really admire your strength and determination on LT and you are so motivated to get to your goal and the best thing is you really get excited and enjoy your journey! You dont look for excuses to give up - whatever life throws at you you find a way around it! I really admire that and think it is one of thee best qualities that anyone can have.

You are an inspiration to so many people here babe. Im sure everyone has so much respect for you. You have stuck to LT when many people would have given up, through your dissolving pain killers incident, antibotics incident, and mad parties and celebrations and now holidays!!!! WOW! What a lady!

You are so right about minimins though - everyone here brings something special to the forum and we all draw support and inspiration from eachother. Even the new people - it is great to see someone new join and then watching their ticker move down and reading exciting stories about pounds dropping off and reports of lovely compliments. Its like you are sharing some of the happiest moments that some people experience every single day on this forum.

Time seems to fly here - I dont know if it is LT or if it is minimins that makes time fly by - but they do say that time flies when you are having fun and we all do have such a laugh here :)

I dont think I have ever enjoyed being on a DIEt before. But this forum makes LT a great experience - and its awesome to to share this experience with so many great people.

I hope you get to read this before you return from your holiday. I wish you the best holiday EVER!! You deserve it! And when u come home i really want you to be reporting back on how much closer you are to your goal!

And i want to hear sad stories of how you no longer fit into your lovely size 14 dress!! But sure once u get to goal im sure you can get it taken in to fit the new slender slim you like a glove...

You rock Lisa... big time.


luv you



Says it as it is!!!
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Aww hun fab post...not that you will be reading this now and will be in Turkey..but have a fab time..love ys tooo xxxxxxx


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Have a great time on your holiday Lisa. Well done for sticking with your LT!


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Have a wonderful time on holiday Lisa!

You look beautiful in your photos!

Love Mini xxx

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