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An Intro from Spoogs - Hello everyone!!!!


Hi there everyone

I finally started my LL journey and am now on day 2.

I have surprised myself at how easily I am drinking the water (yesterday I had over 5 litres and today I have already had 2½ litres).

I am finding the packs a bit harder. I started off with a raspberry shake and stupidly smelled the powder before mixing it with the recommended water. I had to really force it down as I found it very gloopy and it made me wretch a lot!

I tried the thai chilli for lunch with lots of added pepper. Apart from the floaty bits, it wasn't too bad.

I made a vanilla latte later with a double espresso shot and that was bearable and then a hot choc later which was verging on nice!

Can someone tell me what bars there are and what they are like please?!

Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted on my weight loss. I have lots to lose - about 7 stone, so fingers crossed!

Spoogs x
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Hi Spoogs

Welcome to minimins and LL.

I bought a hand blender to mix the soups and the shakes, this seems to get rid of the gloop problem. Ice cold water from the fridge for shakes also seems to help.

The bars aren't available until wk 2, then you are allowed to have 1 a day. They come in the following flavours: nut crunch, lemon, fruit, and toffee. Personally I can't stand the nut crunch but everyone has different likes/dislikes. Your LLC will probably let you all sample them so you can decide which ones to try.

Good luck for your first week, once you get over the first few days and get in to ketosis it really does get easier. Let us all know how you get on.
Hi Sproogs

Mininmins really is mine of useful information and there really are some inspirational and amazing people on here who are always willing to help- I have found it an invaluable resource and I am currently on week 7 of LL.

You doing really well and my LLC kept on informing me, water is the key, on the weeks where I have had significant losses I have been drinking more water .

I personally like the fruit bar - the other make me feel a bit sicky at the moment. Your tastebuds do change on LL so you'd be surprised how much you actually grow to like the shakes. I make mine in a blender with cold water and ice and this seems to make it non gloopy and really thick so my brain is being tricked that it's actually a milkshake and not a food pack.

When I first started having the bars I found they all had a chemical and synthetic taste to them which isn't very nice, but the need to chew soon overtook the need to chew something that tastes nice so I have perservered with them.

Good luck with your first weigh in and post back and let us know how your doing.



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you can have the bars after day 4 when you hit ketosis, I asked the same question on here because I thought my LL counsellor got it wrong, xxx
Thanks everyone for your kind words.
I have been using an electric blender for everything - I think I just need to add lots more water than they suggest and then I don't find the consistency as bad.
Ho hum, it is only for a few months and then after that, it will have been SO worth it.
Will let you know how I get on at my first drop in - I feel I should have lost a stone or so already having eaten nothing! Makes me realise very quickly how much I used to use food as a distraction and pretty much graze all day long!
Fingers crossed.
I am on litre 5 again already so at least that bit is going super smoothly!
Will write again soon x
Hi Spoogs,

I am on day 8 and apart from a ratty day on Monday all is going well.. I hope you have a good week and if you need to know anything this is the place to come. Everybody's so friendly and helpful. Best of luck x
Hi Spoogs

Good on you for starting, the weight will soon be falling off you. You'll soon get the hang of making the shakes and get to like them.

You can have the bars when you're in ketosis, usually after about day 4 - it's great then cos you get something to bite on.

Keep on losing and keep smiling :)

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