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An unexpected lunch!

I have had a bit of a slip the last 2 days and have gone off track a bit. :sigh:
Anyway - this morning I was determined I was going to do a full SW day! Anyway, I managed a coffee morning without eating any croissants, biscuits and cake and felt quite proud! I then had to go and pick something up from a friend at lunch time and she asked me to stay. I felt bad about saying no, so I said yes. Luckily we just had toasted ham & cheese s'wiches so I am hoping that I won't have consumed too many syns.

PLease can you just check that I I have syned everything correctly as I am quite new to SW.

2 slices whited grained bread - Can this be my HEB or must it be synned?
Cheese - can be my HEA???
Ham - am on a red day so can be free??
am allowing 3 syns for extras just incase as I don't know if she used butter etc!!

What do you think - am I able to use it all as HEB & A's or do I need to syn the whole thing??? ( Am thinking I will have to syn the bread!)

I just want to know if I can eat anything else today or whether I am limited to free foods and if I have done much damage!!

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You def have to syn your bread, I'm afraid. No getting round that. Even if it had been brown, I don't think there's any wholegrain/seeded breads that are HEbs? (I could be wrong there, but you'll deffo have to syn what you had :()

As a one of, like that, I probably would class the cheese as my HEa, and as you're on red, you get 2 x HEas, so weight wise, you're probably OK (ish) lol

Ham's fine.

Does she not know you're doing SW? Most friends are happy enough to use brown bread/not offer you cheese/not use spread etc. if you mention it.

If it was me, I'd class this as both my HEas, but would assume that all/more than 15syns had been used by the bread/butter/extra cheese etc, so would stick to free foods for the rest of today :)


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.....oh, and WELL DONE for resisting the coffee morning tempatations! Go girl!


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....if you're a girl? lol Eeek....
ahhhhh, thanks for your reply. I thought I would have to syn the bread but was hoping I could get away with the rest. I have only just started SW so my friend didn't know and I didn't want to tell her there and then; I could see she had prepared some lunch!

HAve def gone over 15 syns today so it looks like a syn free day tomorrow!!!


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You're best to take it one day at a time. Don't "punish" yourself today for yesterday's sarnie. Start each day fresh with 15 syns to enjoy :)x
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